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Merge posts plugin?

Does anyone know of a plugin that is capable of merging the post meta from one post into another? I’m working on re-releasing the Driftwood contact manager theme and I’m trying to find a way to solve the duplicate contact issue. Obviously this question could impact far more people than just myself. 🙂

merging two multisites

I need to merge two existing multistes. Each has some 40 blogs, and the end result should be that all 80 blogs reside on one WP installation. Any advice or experience on how to best apporach this task, other man doing it manually, by creating each new blog and user on the end server, and […]

Combining two wordpress queries with pagination is not working

I am trying to combine two WordPress queries but it’s not working as well as pagination. I want to display today’s all posts sorted by comment count and after that I want to display all posts (excluding today’s post) sorted by comment count. I believe these are the two queries to accomplish task separately. But […]

How to merge two or more WordPress posts?

I need to be able to merge two or more posts. What is the exact query (or queries) to make this happen? The scenario is multiple recommendations that need to be merged into one. I have already sorted out comments merging and meta merging. Let’s say a user recommends Bill Gates, another one Gates Bill […]

How to merge two queries together

I am trying to order the posts in a category by showing the posts with images first and then posts without images last. I have managed to do that by running two queries and now I want to merge the two queries together. I have the following: <?php $loop = new WP_Query( array(‘meta_key’ => ‘_thumbnail_id’, […]

How can I make updates to a site, on a development copy, but then move updates back without overriding live site's evolving database?

I’ve tried to be as descriptive in the title as possible, and I know this question has been asked in before in various forms but I could not find good answer to it and it’s are to imagine that no one has solved this issue. It’s simple, once a WP site is live, if it […]