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How to just migrate posts/pages from one site to another?

I use WP Migrate DB ( to sometimes migrate a DB. Now I just want to migrate the posts from one site to another. Is this the right way? – migrate wp_posts – migrate wp_postmeta It should only get those entries in wp_posts with post_type = post? That’s all? For pages I do the same, […]

I moved my WordPress site to the main directory and now I can't access my admin

I have a site here: that decided to move here: I followed this tutorial: How to Safely Move Your WordPress Site (Without Losing Anything!) I deactivated the permalinks Changed this line: /** Loads the WordPress Environment and Template */ require(‘./new/wp-blog-header.php’); Of the index file located in my root folder (initially I was using […]

How to replace a wordpress installation in root directory with another in a subdirectory?

Someone with a wordpress site in lets say asked me to change the theme, so i thought it would be safer to first create a second wordpress installation in lets say and then, after having moved all of the content to the new installation and calibrated the theme, move the new installation to […]

Migration problems with mysql: Operation not allowed when innodb_forced_recovery > 0

I’m transferring a bunch of domains a new host. The site names remain the same, and for the sites I’ve already migrated, no manipulation was necessary in the database. It just works once name-servers are pointed at the new box. That’s great. For some sites, however, during import, mysql throws this error: Operation not allowed […]

Mowing site to another domain in simplest way

I need to move my simple Wordpres site from to in most as possible simple and native way. My simple site specification: WP 4.4.2 Twenty Twelve 1.9 theme Polylang plugin 1.8.4 I know that I can install some plugins that might do this job, but I’m not sure they really does this job […]

Rewrite Most WordPress URLs

I have a wordpress site that’s approximately 25% “business” pages and 75% “techie” pages. The current site:, I’m splitting into two separate domains: for the business stuff and for the tech stuff. I’m looking for recommendations on how to best go about rewriting all the existing “techie” URLs to point to the […]

When moving a WordPress installation to a new server, why do I have to update each post before content shows?

The site URL ( hasn’t changed. So I exported the wp_posts table from my old shared hosting server database and imported it into a new WordPress installation on my new dedicated server. I set the permalink structure in the WordPress installation on the new server to be, the same as on the old shared […]

Forced Redirect on a server migration

I have backedup and installed my site on a new server underneath the new domain of After the DB and file transfer I logged in and immediately got a 500 error. I then overwrote the .htaccess file to the default and renamed the plugin folder to plugins-rename and then tested again. Now the site […]

Migration of WooCommerce site

I am new in WordPress. I am trying to migrate a WooCommerce site. What are the steps to Migrate a WooCommerce site? Where is the location of .htaccess file in a WooCommerce site? I migrated files and databases. I changed setting in wp-config.php file. I changed site URL in wp-options table of the database. But […]

WordPress redirects to old login after migration

I’ve followed all the steps for migrating my existing wordpress site to another server. However, when I try to login to the migrated site, it keeps redirecting me to the old one, despite whether I use wp-admin.php or wp-login.php. I have also read about a dozen different pages on migrating worpress accounts, but not one […]