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What's a better workflow for database migration?

When asked to work on an existing WordPress Site, I generally take a copy of the whole site and work on it locally. For quite a few years I have used a script such as the following after importing the database locally. UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = replace(option_value, ‘’, ‘http://local.wordpressdev’) WHERE option_name = ‘home’ OR […]

Issue converting single site to multi-site – blogs.dir folder not created

I have an existing WP install that I’m attempting to convert into a multi-site, in order to set up a development version in a subdirectory (required for testing an SSL on the same domain). I’ve been able to do the initial stages of the multi-site okay, but when I’ve inspected my directory for the blogs.dir […]

Consolidating two websites into one, but migrated images not appearing in Image Library

I am consolidating two websites (which are on the same server) into one. I copied the images from one website’s directory to the other using rsync. rsync -av /srv/www/site1/wp-content/uploads/ /srv/www/site2/wp-content/uploads/ The images appear in the target directory and file permissions and ownerships are fine. But the images are not appearing in the Media Library and […]

Organizing WP Pages based on old website database

I’m moving existing data involving paintings from an old host that didn’t use WordPress to a new host that does. With the old site, data was stored in a database so that each painting had its own page with information (artist, name, year, style, etc) and media pertaining to it, and the pages could then […]

Stumped on migration

I’m migrating a site from my server to a client’s Bluehost (ugh) account. I’ve tried using All In One WP Migrate BackupBuddy manual migration (copying files & exporting a db using WP Migrate DB) These are the stats on my server: Apache Version 2.2.24 PHP Version 5.3.26 MySQL Version 5.6.28-76.1 And the client’s server: Apache […]

Export all content from wordpress

Evening all. I’ve decided instead of upgrading the install of wordpress that I have, to just take the content (my writeups, comments, pages) and move them to the new site install. Is there an easy way to do this at all, or would it just be simpler to just move the old DB to the […]

Maintenance holding page while migrating website

I was hoping someone might be able to help me with the right procedure for establishing a holding page while migrating a local WP site to an already live server. I know there are lots of maintenance mode plugins. However, if I’m migrating/replacing WordPress files on the server and migrating the database, won’t the plugin […]

Remapping absolute URLs from other domains and from test domain

I’m helping a friend fix some problems with the migration of their word press site and I don’t use WP much, but I know PHP/SQL/CSS/HTML/etc. They installed and built the site on “” and moved it to a different server “” where “” will be the final live version. The version that was moved […]

How to migrate a HTTPS WordPress installation to localhost?

I’ve migrated a site from a live server to a localhost using the WP Migrate DB plugin. I’ve done this process a couple of times before and it’s all been fine. This time however I’ve migrated a site from an https: connection and I can’t get into the site on my localhost. It gives me […]

Copying wordpress to another server breaks it on original server

I am working on a new version our site. Today I was going to put the blog on the new version. Our current website and the successor I am building are on different servers and accessed by different domain names. So what I did was import the database the blog uses into the dev site. […]