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how can i allow users to view their own pending posts in a front-end page

i want to allow users to view their own pending posts in a front end page but when i access the links created for pending post in the database the links doesn’t work until the post is approved If I access the post GUID the one where the status is “publish” the link works, but […]

How Do I Allow Comment Moderation for Other User's Posts?

I want to setup a user account that only has access to moderate comments – for all posts – but doesn’t have access to edit any posts. When I give the user the moderate comments privilege (using an old role manager plugin), it doesn’t let them moderate comments on other articles. Is there a plugin […]

How do I redirect users after submitting a topic for moderation?

I’m using bbPress (Version 2.5.3) with the plugin bbPress Moderation (Version 1.8.3) on WordPress 3.8.1. After a user submits a new topic for moderation, the forum shows up again without the new question, and with no explanation that the question is awaiting moderation. Can I redirect the user to another URL with an explanation?

Why does akismet prevent jetpack comments from appearing in my moderation queue?

On the blog I run, when I have Akismet activated, it somehow prevents comments posted via Jetpack from appearing in the moderation queue. I know it’s Akismet because I have disabled every plugin but jetpack and received comments in the moderation queue successfully. When I have both jetpack and aksimet activated simultaneously, however, the comments […]

How to “Global Ignore” / “Hell Ban” someone, restrict post visibility to the author only?

I’m looking for a way to deal with trolls by making any post they make invisible to everyone except them. This is known as a number of names “Global Ignore”, “Hell Ban”, “Troll Hack”, “Tachy Goes to Coventry”. How can I do that?

How to disallow participant from publishing topics(bbpress)?

OK, I am really stuck on this. I tried many things and yet nothing works. I have BBpress install and running and want to disallow users(Participant Role) from publishing TOPICS. Every time when user add the topic, it must have to display under pending status but they can publish replies without any moderation. I tried […]

Allowing logged in users to comment without moderation across a multisite installation

I currently do web admin for an internet community based on BuddyPress and Multi Site, and use the Comment author must have a previously approved comment setting to make it easier for users to comment and not be moderated. All users are vetted before their accounts are created so I know we don’t have spambots. […]

Comment Moderation and CDN Caching

I work on a site that is entirely cached by a CDN. We are about to roll out comments and will be moderating every comment before it goes live. When someone posts a comment and the page is rendered with a message indicating their comment is being held in moderation. What I don’t want is […]

Related Links Page with moderated, user suggested link submissions

Updating an old dinosaur of a site to WordPress (3.5.1),   one of the more popular pages on the old site is a “Related Links” page with links for and about kids. (e.g. fitness, nutrition, education, bicycle safety etc.).  We frequently receive email from teachers all over the U.S. indicating that — as the result of some […]

Capability for allowing user to post own comments without moderation

I work at a radio station that has several WP user roles — for simplicity sake, let’s say Admin, Programmer, Subscriber, in decreasing order of ability. Currently, Admin users need to approve comments left by Programmer users. How do I auto-approve Programmer-level comments, without letting that user level administrate comments globally? Thank you!