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show if comment is in moderation

How to display a moderation-message with a comment after posting a comment. The workflow should be: post a comment wp thinks this one has to be moderated user sees his comment with a messe like “thx but you cannot see it since its in moderation” stretchgoal: this message should be visible every time the users […]

Hold comments for moderation only if user is not logged in

Is there any way to allow logged-in users to post comments without them being held for moderation, while requiring that any comment from anonymous users be approved? I have developed a system for users who are members of our organization to log in automatically with their LDAP accounts, and would like for any of them […]

Allow contributors to moderate comments comments on posts they write

I run a multi-author wordpress site where we have a large number of contributors that can write articles, which are published after they are reviewed by an editor. (This is all standard wordpress behaviour). What I would like to do is give the contributors the ability to moderate comments on the posts which they write, […]

Community Moderation Plugin for Comments

Is there any wordpress plugin that allows the community to moderate the comments by themselves in Slashdot style? I found a plugin that allows the visitors to like or dislike the comments. But it doesn’t provide any moderation functionality beyond collecting the ratings. I would like to be able to set rules based on these […]

How do I redirect users after submitting a replies for moderation on bbpress?

After a user submits a new reply for moderation, the forum shows up again the same page, and with no explanation that the reply is awaiting moderation. Can I redirect the user to another URL with an explanation?

Allow anonymous users to post to my site for moderation

I’m in need of the ability to allow anyone (they don’t have to login) to fill out a form with email and a textarea and submit it to my site. This form would be treated as a post and appear somewhere for me to moderate. If i hit publish, it would be published to my […]

Stop wordpress from sending out moderation emails

This question was originally posted at stackoverflow:–emails but after a tip from @MaxGherkins I’m posting a modified version here also for help. I’m having trouble with my wordpress installation sending out emails to the site admin every time a comment is up for moderation. This also goes for spam comments which results in the […]

Multiple Comment Moderators and Notifications

I am looking for a way to make it so multiple authors/moderators within wordpress get notified when there is a new comment waiting approval. I’m thinking of switching over to Disqus for this type of thing, but was wondering if it’s possible without swapping out the commenting interface.

Get the number of comments awaiting moderation

Is there any ‘official’ way to get the number of comments, awaiting moderation? I’ve taken a look at get_comments_status – is it what I need or are there other methods?

Add delete, approve, spam Links to Comments

Anyone know how to add quick comment moderation links for users who have permission to add/edit posts and comments? (Upprove / Unappove / Edit / Spam / Trash ). Note: in my comments.php I call the loop with <?php wp_list_comments(); ?>