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how to connect the author profile with google webmaster tools in multiuser blog?

in this page google help us to enable our profile image on google search list when some one search get results from our blog post. my question not about how to do that … like this link that closed … but about the blog that has many authors that in the Google article i cant […]

Allow users to create post without logging in?

I have this project that requires guests to normally write a post without requiring them to be a user. By normally, I mean they can write posts by going to the posts edit screen like a normal user would do but with limitations. Is this possible?

update_user_meta add value on the top on existing value

I’m working on a plugin that will allow people to favorite authors on WP site. When you click on Favorite this author button, it will send author ID to below function and save that value in DB. Below is the code I save value to FAV_AUTHORS_META_KEY in wp_usermeta table. $user_id = fav_authors_get_user_id(); $fav_author_id = 2; […]

Multiple authors and readers restricted by role

Is there a feature or plugin that will allow me to have multiple authors on a site. An author must be able to specify which user group they want to be able to read the post. Ideally users will be able to belong to more than one group.

How to add an inline word after post author commenter name?

I want to add an inline word(s) after comments of post author’s name. Suppose, my name is Tiger and i am the post author, so Post author will be printed after my name every time when i add a comment on the post. I don’t want to edit comment.php file. I want custom functions for […]

Can multiple authors be assigned on a single custom post?

I have custom post types that I would like to make editable by several users. I created one custom post type using the Toolset plugin. wp_update_post only allows us to set single author: $user_id = array(); $userIds = get_field(“agency_to_author”,$_POST[‘post_ID’]); // Get Multiple User assing using acf field. foreach ($userIds as $key => $value) { $user_id[] […]

Where is the information about the authors for articles stored?

I have recently been appointed to maintain a WordPress powered news site. I don’t have much experience with wordpress and have been teaching myself as I go. The site I am maintaining was recently migrated to a new wordpress site. While the old site used the standard mechanism for storing authors, the new site uses […]

Multiple Authors on Single Post

Does anyone know how to assign multiple Users as authors of single individual posts (even single custom post types)? I want more than just displaying as tags the list of authors. I am looking at the plugin Groups and do not know if you can set the Author of a post to be a group. […]

Remove Author Slug & Replace With Username

I reviewed all related questions but none tackle this exactly so I’m posting the question in hopes the pro’s know how to handle this. I would like to change the author slug to remove the term /author/ completely like this; currently want Moreover I’d like all posts related to an author to look […]

Google Authorship on a multi-author blog?

I hav been having some difficulties getting authorship set up for a multi-author blog. Everything appears to be set up correctly, but I am wondering if having multiple rel=”author” tags on the home page is preventing the Google+ Profile of the main author from appearing in search results. By default, the wordpress theme I am […]