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Remove Author Slug & Replace With Username

I reviewed all related questions but none tackle this exactly so I’m posting the question in hopes the pro’s know how to handle this. I would like to change the author slug to remove the term /author/ completely like this; currently want Moreover I’d like all posts related to an author to look […]

Google Authorship on a multi-author blog?

I hav been having some difficulties getting authorship set up for a multi-author blog. Everything appears to be set up correctly, but I am wondering if having multiple rel=”author” tags on the home page is preventing the Google+ Profile of the main author from appearing in search results. By default, the wordpress theme I am […]

Edit/revise option for authors to suggest improvement to posts

I have a multiple author blog with 300 authors. Is it possible to add a edit type of button where authors can suggest improvement to other authors published articles? If an improvement suggesting is added, the entry should only be visible to users with author permission and the original author of the article can make […]

How to let a user choose an authors and save it to the database?

I have a multi-author WordPress site which reads different rss feeds and posts them to my page. I was wondering if it is possible to make a code that would provide an opportunity to registered user choice of which authors/sources to follow. There is already a few plugins that allow users to subscribe or ‘follow’ […]

Multiple versions of RSS feed? One with full content, one with the excerpt

I’m not sure how to word my question and I have been searching all day, to no avail. I am looking for a method to create two versions of my RSS feeds, one with the full content and one with only the excerpt. Mainly, I want to do this for the “Author” feeds. I would […]

Shared functions.php across multiple WordPress websites

I find myself using many of the same snippets of code for my functions.php file in new websites. Is there a method I can use to create a few different shared functions.php files to use across my websites? I am not referring to a WPMU installation, but completely separate installations of WordPress with separate databases, […]

Users with custom roles not showing in post author select box

I am using a function to create new user roles and delete some defaults. However, they are not showing up in the post author box! Only the admin shows up because they are selected as an admin. Any user with a custom role does not show up. Any idea why this would be happening? Here […]

Set up collaborative site

I ‘m setting up a site to allow multiple associations to use it. I ask your help to decide whether it’s worth to consider switching to the current ‘single site with many plugins’ approach, whick feels like a bad hack, to a multisite approach. The requirements are: Each association may have multiple users, with different […]

Author template, filter sidebar widgets by author?

I’d like to be able to filter my sidebar widgets (tag cloud, category, archive) to only show those tags/categories/months that apply to a given author on the author template. What is the correct way to filter or modify these widgets? I found this page in the codex but it doesn’t seem that the native functions […]

Multi user site and image captions

On multi user sites when authors select images from the media library they can choose images that other authors have uploaded. The problem is that they can edit the caption and it changes it for both the post they’re making and any previous posts that have the same image and caption, this doesn’t make any […]