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WPML Default Language User Meta

I’m having a super hard time finding the names of the default user meta that’s included with WPML. WPML has a setting for “Default Admin Language” under every user’s profile. I’d like to access this on the front end so all my users are automatically switched to their selected language on login. I can’t figure […]

How to translate wordpress backend to another language

Is there any way to translate wordpress entire backend to another language that is not supported yet. ? I mean, my language is Sinhala (Sri Lanka) and sinhala is not yet included by default on WordPress. But I’m looking for creating a plugin or something to translate backend to Sinhala. So, could anybody please tell […]

How to create custom post type like Page

I want to create a Custom Post Type like Post or Page, It should have Page templates Option. This is for multilingual site. Any comments on this ?

Translations does not work with .pot file

I’ve created a theme at and it seems it is multi-language ready. There is a .pot file in the language folder, so I downloaded POEdit and translated the things in there (like Posted on, Edit, 1 Comment, x Comments and so on) Are the above posted words not from the theme but from WordPress? […]

Disable sanitize_file_name on upload without modifying functions.php

I am looking for a way to disable sanitize_file_name function without modifying the functions.php or formatting.php. I am uploading files that have other language file names and all I am getting are dashes right now. I found out how to remedy this, but it is by commenting a line out in the functions.php and I […]

Plugin Development – Multilangual – Different pages

I’m currently developing a User Registration plugin, since I couldn’t find any free that are properly translated I decided to create my own. The Plugin is mainly completed… My PO and MO files are created for both language I want it to work for now. The way I launch my Plugin, I use ShortCodes inside […]

How to set up multisite for multi language?

I am getting headache about this. How easy to do this? I have a site in US english. 1. Now : Want to create three sites for .de, .es, so the sites will be – default site Can I use multisite (network site) for this purpose? So then database will […]

Creating a multilingual multisite

I would like to create a WordPress installation that manages several domains, from what I’ve read I need to use WordPress multisite for this, but the scenario is a little more specific than that, the case is as follows: I have three domains: | | The main site is the one already […]

Which Multi-language option for WordPress is best from an SEO and Woocommerce perspective?

I am wanting to set up an English and German version of a site for selling products and using content marketing. So I will be doing key word research in both languages. There will be a lot of overlap in keyword translation, but not always. Meaning there will be more content in one of the […]

Change Woocommerce languange on a multisite install

I have been trying to figure this out but seems that there is no way to do it, and I don’t want to use WPML, I have been using it and it’s super heavy and buggy. So, the question is … Is there a hack to change the Woocommerce .mo language file on a multisite […]