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How can I set up multi language admin ui?

I will have two admin users, one of them only speaking italian and the other only speaks english. How can I setup multi-language admin user interface?

Multiple install for multilanguage. How to?

I (will) have a multilingual (3 lang actually) site. I used WMPL some time, but this plugine made me sad… Finally, I decided to install each language a part. How should it be done? I have my / So, should I install /en /fr /it or / + /fr /it is there some plugin that […]

How to use get_page_by_title() with qTranslate?

Any idea how I can use the WP function get_page_by_title() with qTranslate installed? for example: $page_contact = get_page_by_title( ‘_e(“[:en]contact”);’ ,’page’ ); $page_contact_ID = $page_contact->ID; echo ‘~~~~’.$page_contact_ID; The only way I can get a match is by including the whole string with all the languages – and there is no way that’s going to work once […]

Proper syntax for simple conditional bloginfo language

I need to do something like this: <?php $bloginfo = get_bloginfo( ‘language’ ); if($bloginfo->en-US){ the_time(‘jS F Y’); }else{ the_time(‘d/m/Y’); }; ?> I cant find the proper way to wrap en-US. Any ideas? Thank you in advance, people.

Using categories as multilingual mechanism

Is there something wrong with the following approach. I dislike installing plugins (with database access) on my wordpress. But I want my wordpress to be multilingual . What do you think about the option using the categories as the Language differentiation. When some user creates a new post, he choose the language (Category). In the […]

Multisite use language code as subdirectory

I installed WordPress in the subdiretory /de and activated multisite features. The main blog has the URL/path: Now I want to add a second site for the English language with the following url: But after I added the site, the subdirectory for the English site was set as: Any ideas how I […]

database columns: post_title vs post_name

I changed post_title, post_contents, and post_name to allow for utf by changing collating sequence to: utf8_general_ci Then using add new post, I type for the title three Hebrew ALEFs. The post_title is in Hebrew in the database, but the post_name has this value: %d7%90%d7%90%d7%90 According to Charmap, ALEF has a hex value of 05D0. So […]

How to set a custom title per language?

I am running Qtranslate for my website. I am very impressed by this plugin. Now my only problem is that I cannot set a custom title and description for my homepage per language. I can only setup one line for the title in the general settings for my website. I have installed Qtranslate META where […]

How can I make a site viewable in multiple languages?

I am aware of the question What are options are there to implement a multi language site, but the answers there are focused on multi-language support on the backend as well as the frontend. I am only concerned with offering multi-language viewing of a site’s content, not multi-language content creation. Could it be as simple […]

Two language versions for each article

I have a WordPress website that needs to be available in two different languages. We have the articles written in both languages already. I’ve seen a lot of solutions providing automatic translations but this won’t work in this situation because we have to use translations produced by government approved translators. What would be a good […]