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Adding multiple taxonomy filters to functions.php

I need to add multiple taxonomy filters to the functions.php file to remove (3) irrelevant taxonomies from the Yoast SEO sitemap index. I have been able to successfully add one filter, but when I add the other two filters, I keep getting a 500 server error. I should note that I am a novice when […]

Creating a multi-taxonomy query, excluding the newest (read: highest ID) taxonomy term

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find, specifically, another question that gets me going in the right direction. I’m creating a series of multiple loops on a page. I also created another taxonomy for posts, “Issue”. One of the loops I’m trying to create, I’d like to query this taxonomy and […]

Using a checklist to search against metadata

I’m completely stuck and would very much appreciate some pointers/advise. The problem: I want to create a search function that will let me filter Japanese onsen by their amenities, e.g. parking, sauna, bedrock bath, etc. which are stored as metadata in the post (a checklist). I have registered these amenities as a metadata checklist in […]

Create Advanced search with taxonomies (not filter list)

as always after struggling my mind for 3 days with a problem i decide to ask for help here. Im trying to create an advance search page with taxonomies and keyword field. You can see what i actually got in ( dont panic, its spanish but just think as taxonomies and you will be […]

How to speed up a wordpress function with multiple loops?

I am a PHP novice and wrote this function. It is an alphabetical navigation which shows only the letter that have posts in both that letter and the currently filtered “genero” taxonomy term. I use multiple taxonomy queries to find “artistas” posts that, for example, are tagged as both “rock” and “funk”. The function works […]

Best way to programmatically link to multiple categories (union/intersection)

This question assumes that you know about the various complex taxonomy queries available from the WP_Query API. I know about tax_query as well as about things like category__and, which allow you to run multi-term queries inside a template. It also takes for granted the knowledge that you can manually create links, both pretty (/category/mac+mobile/) and […]

“NOT ONLY IN” taxonomy query operator?

I have multiple users adding content to restricted categories (using RoleScoper) in my WordPress setup that don’t show up on the homepage (custom template with query_posts()). I’m looking for a way to “promote” the submitted content to the homepage by adding it to another category. My loop code looks like this: <?php query_posts($query_string . ‘&cat=-37’); […]

Include CPT values in another CPT?

I’m trying to add CPT values in a drop-down menu within another CPT, not sure if this is do-able. Basically I have a Store CPT and a Manager CPT, in the manager cpt i have regular posts with the title, featured image, etc and what I would like to do is when I add a […]

Query 1 taxonomy term, exclude another

Here’s the code I’m using to try and query a single taxonomy for one term, but exclude returned posts for that term that also belong to another. In English, this is what I want: query ‘resource-type’ for ‘testimonies’, but not ‘testimonies’ that are also ‘audio’. Tips to tweak this code to get it to work? […]

query multiple taxonomy and show post count

I have custom post type ‘Product’, and 2 custom taxonomies ‘category’ and ‘product status’. What i am trying to do is list categories in page template and show how many total products in category and how many of them have status ‘available’ Some thing like this Category | No. of products | Products available Can […]