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Group Custom post type in a taxonomy page by its child taxomony

I hope you can help me, guys. I’ve create custom post type and custom taxonomy with Custom Post Type UI plugin. Then i create an page taxonomy-mycustomtaxonomy.php. When i access, for example, a url http://mysiteurl/mycustomtaxonomy/maintaxonomy1/ i have to show: maintaxonomy1-title maintaxonomy1-description — childtaxonomy1-title childtaxonomy1-description post1 post2 post3 … — childtaxonomy2-title childtaxonomy2-description post1 post2 … — […]

I have custom post type with custom taxonomy. But not found the taxonomy page..

this is my link. . not found . My code in function.php. function prefix_register_post_type() { register_post_type( ‘application’, array( ‘labels’ => array( ‘name’ => __(‘Application’, ‘text_domain’), ‘singular_name’ => __(‘Application’, ‘text_domain’), ‘menu_name’ => __(‘Application’, ‘text_domain’), ‘name_admin_bar’ => __(‘Application Item’, ‘text_domain’), ‘all_items’ => __(‘All Items’, ‘text_domain’), ‘add_new’ => _x(‘Add New’, ‘prefix_portfolio’, ‘text_domain’), ‘add_new_item’ => __(‘Add New Item’, […]

Custom select query for taxonomies that have posts categorized in another taxonomy

I have a custom post type “vendor” – and I want to people to drill down via custom taxonomies to see posts. I have two custom taxonomies – one for “service” and one for “location”. So in a custom template I am listing all the available services… when one is clicked I load in another […]

Multiple Tax Query with Meta Key

I am trying to do a tax-query on a hierarchical taxonomy with no tags. I want to show results for the dealer state and brand being viewed by the user. For instance dealers in texas that also carry honda. I only want to show the results if the meta key value of wpcf-paid is 1 […]

Finding the category id's on category intersection pages

I’m using category intersection pages for users to be able to filter posts by categories. E.g. Here the user is filtering on the “alvor” AND “bars-pubs” child categories of “destinations”. I want to be able to get the id’s of the categories that are being filtered on the page so I can display them […]

get_terms() for custom taxonomy related to another taxonomy

I have this weird thing to do and I have no idea how to do it. Ok, so: I have two custom taxonomies: collections and categories (both are prefixed, but for the sake of simplicity, I’ll use these short names). A post will have a category and will be added into a collection. What I […]

Passing form inputs into multi-taxonomy query

I’m in the process of building out a search page to perform a query on a custom post type and its associated meta and taxonomy. Eventually, I would it to query multiple taxonomies as well as compare values to those in the meta (ie – find posts with foo between X and Y). I have […]

Taxonomy posts on Archive page

Hello, I have been stumped for a few days on a perfect way to display the posts using my custom post type (track) and the taxonomies ( genre, sub_genre). When a user goes to”sub_genre name” , i want all posts of that sub_genre to be categorized by those sub_genre taxonomies with content. ex.. […]

Query most popular terms by taxonomy over 2 week period

I have written SQL for a query that pulls the most used taxonomy terms for selected taxonomies that are published, do not have a parent post are not in a comma separated list over the past two weeks — grouped by the term itself sorted by most posts descending. The issue I am running into […]

List posts in a category grouped by other categories?

I have posts of stores and restaurants in my area. Each post is marked by category of type (e.g. Restaurant, store) and town. What I am trying to do is create a page for each town (with intro text and photos enter into the page ui) and then a loop of Posts in that town’s […]