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Create custom role, multisite, add users/sites?

I have seen similar questions however the one I found asking a question close to this was never answered. I am attempting to create a role for our support team on our MultiSite install where they can access all sites like a super-admin can, as well as manage/create/edit/delete users and sites across the network. According […]

Issue converting single site to multi-site – blogs.dir folder not created

I have an existing WP install that I’m attempting to convert into a multi-site, in order to set up a development version in a subdirectory (required for testing an SSL on the same domain). I’ve been able to do the initial stages of the multi-site okay, but when I’ve inspected my directory for the blogs.dir […]

How to share posts in WordPress Multisite?

It’s the first time I am using the multisite option. I must be searching for the wrong terms, because I can’t find the answer to what I think it’s a simple problem… I have 3 sites. Group Landing site Group 1 site Group 2 site Essentially, Group 1 and Group 2 will have separate contents. […]

How to add multiple existing users to a multisite site?

I have a multisite instance of WordPress, and I need to add 50 existing users to each of 20 new sites. One by one is going to take a very long time, and will send each person 20 emails confirming that they have been added to the blogs. Is there a method I can use […]

How to Login Once to an Entire WP Multisite Network

Does anyone know of a good plugin that permits logging in once as the WP-MS network Super Admin and being able to switch sites without having to re-login into each network and/or each site individually? Thanks

Multisite: Activate plugin for subsites only?

For some plugins, I’m trying to activate only for subsites. Lets say the plugin is “Contact Form 7” and I need it activated only on subsites. If activate on Network Admin, it will activated on main site as well. I’ve came across many reference but it is old article (5 years ago) and only teaching […]

Convert existing WordPress Site (with several plugins) into Multisite

I want to convert an existing WordPress Site into a Multisite. I have several plugins installed. Is there a special preperation needed to get this plugins safely into the multisite mode? Do I have to follow a special workflow.

Change the template of multiple multisite pages at the same time

I have a multisite network with hundreds of individual location-based sites that use the same theme and display the same type of content. Occasionally I will need to create or change the template of a page for one site and do so by logging in and out of each subsite to repeat this change across […]

What is the correct form action URL for network options pages?

Referring to Settings API in Multisite – Missing update message It states that: For network option pages the correct form action URL is: wp-admin/network/edit.php?action=your_option_name Note: without a ‘/’ in front Okay. Let’s try it: <form method=”post” action=”wp-admin/network/edit.php?action=your_option_page”> Obviously, my options form actually gets submitted to: Now, adding a ‘/’ in front: <form method=”post” action=”/wp-admin/network/edit.php?action=your_option_page”> […]

Add menu page on multisite

I’m trying add menu page in multisite (settings will be global for all blogs). Current code created in plugin and activated in network function wpdocs_register_my_custom_menu_page() { add_menu_page( __( ‘Custom Menu Title’, ‘textdomain’ ), ‘custom menu’, ‘manage_options’, ‘myplugin/myplugin-admin.php’, ”); } add_action( ‘admin_menu’, ‘wpdocs_register_my_custom_menu_page’ ); But it show only in blog menu, I think should be different […]