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Why, when moving a WordPress multisite network, have my theme customisations stopped working?

I have recently moved a multisite network to a new domain. There is only 1 site in the network currently (I’m in the process of building the sites for the network and I am pushing this one to a staging server for testing). To move the site I did the following: Transferred ALL files Exported […]

WordPress multisite, allow non super admins to create sites

I’m creating a wordpress multisite for at costumer to uses with his own customers. He need to be able to create a site when he get a new customer, and his customer should be able to control the the site. So I want me as an superadmin, and my customer’s customers to be the admin […]

how to create wordpress network with multiple wordpress installations

i want know it is possible to have 2 or 3 wordpress installations ,get together create ,and create a network .,which will share user data across the network, if there any reference that will be great,

Cannot select signup_meta upon multisite user activation

I am having trouble selecting signup meta, it always returns empty array. My code is: add_action( ‘wpmu_activate_user’, ‘promote_to_admin’, 99 ); function promote_to_admin( $user_id, $password, $meta ) { global $wpdb; $user = get_userdata( $user_id ); $email = $user->user_email; var_dump( $email ); $signup_meta = $wpdb->get_results( “SELECT meta FROM wp_signups WHERE user_email = $email” ); if ( $signup_meta[‘new_role’] […]

I want to create a 300 multi-site wordpress network using subdomains

This is the network on this site and i have two multi-sites apart from the main one, what i want to know that, can i create this many multi-sites, without the network crashing or having too much errors or the database itself would crash because of the too much data?

Is WordPress MultiSite secure & how much can it scale?

Great info on How to Scale WordPress and more info on WordPress Web Hosting. Still, I am left with questions. Creating a project that for the sake of argument we will call a blog network. A user signs up for an account and then the blog network company creates a subdomain install for the user. […]

Multi-Site Subfolder User Permission Issue

Currently I have a header file checking to see if users are logged in, and then a “landing” page which allows them to view all the sites they have access to within my multisite network. This functionality is working great – but I can’t seem to figure out how to prohibit them from manually entering […]

single sign on for wordpress multi site

I am having two wordpress site with multi site concept. I have configured all settings in wp-config.php and .htaccess files. After all still am unable to login in my network sites by using main site user name and password.

MU: There 3 super admins but it says there are 5

Although there just 3 super admins, for some weird reason it says on /wp-admin/network/users.php?role=super that there are 5 and they aren’t shown anywhere except those 3 that I have. How can I find those 2 admins? Could it be through the db?

“Micro-Site” Options

We are wanting to start offering Micro-Sites as an option to member in a non-commercial environment. Essentially, each user ideally would have one page to customize the content for. Backgrounds and template options are not a priority as of now. Can someone please recommend some options, if not alternatives if micro-sites are not plausible for […]