Articles of multisite user management

How do I list multisite users for the current site only

I’m looking for a way of selecting the users for one site within a multisite set up. Can anyone tell me how to do this please? This is what I have at the moment: $user_search = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT ID, display_name, user_email FROM “.$wpdb->base_prefix.”users”); but this selects all users across the multisite. Many thanks!

Buddypress profile pictures sync across WordPress Multisite Network

I am setting up a Multisite Network project. All websites will be handled with SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL. One of the websites will have BuddyPress, it will also serve as an entry point to the network. User will register through and from there it will have access to other sites (portals, shops…) I managed to setup user […]

User registration on subsite in multisite configuration

As a network admin in multisite configuration, I have the option to enable or disable the user registration \ site registration. is there any way i can enable the user registration on s single sub site , not on all sites. In my WP setup, I have a main blog which is managed by me […]

Delete sites in wordpress multisite (not suspend)

When you delete a site in your wordpress network, it apear like suspend: For delete a site, user have to click a link that wp send to his email, when he checked the site be suspended, but it doesn’t deleted. I want to do that the user can delete his site.

Can wp-cli display all users and their roles across all sites in a multisite instance?

List Multisite Users Using wp-cli(1) If I run wp user list I get a list of the users (2 admins in my case) at the top level of multisite(2). List Multisite Sites’ Users I have 25 sites with various users. Some users are in different sites as different roles. When I use the network flag […]

Multisite Independent User Base

I run a multisite blog farms with all blogs having a consistent functionalities (theme and plugins and some basic content), but independent from each other in terms of user database. I would like to prevent user signup at one site being able to sign in through all other sites. Likewise, if a user is deleted […]

How to synchronize user profile fields in multisite?

I’m using wordpress multisite. I installed Multisite user management plugin. If a user register in my main sites then that user automatically added in all my sites. My problem it doesn’t copy the profile datas. I don’t want my users to fill the same data in all 50 sites. So is there any code available […]

Lock one of WP Network sites for not registered users

I have a blog network (Multisite), with domain mapping plugin installed, and some of my sites are under development, so I want to lock them from not registered users. I tested a few plugins designed for this purpose (Private Only, Private WP suite, Private WP, Members Only, Registered Users Only, Absolute Privacy and Wp-Private) and […]

Is there any central control/access panel for several WordPress sites?

We have many WordPress sites on different hosts with different domain names. Is there any solution for accessing all posts and settings with a central management tool? It’s been very hard for us to open 10 sites in 10 tabs and set one desired configuration in all of them. I know that WordPress has a […]