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Google Docs Viewer have problem in MultiSite sub-blogs

An example file: and here is same file but direct url without ms-files.php: Its same file. Just first one is getting call with ms-files.php. Problem is first file is not working in google docs viewer: giving this error: Sorry, we are unable to generate a view of the document at this time. […]

Why would switch_to_blog stop working?

I’m using the Multisite functionality of WordPress 3.0, and I have a network of sites built where I display one random post from one of the subsites on the main site’s front page. I accomplish this, in part, by using the switch_to_blog function from the old WPMU function list. Up until yesterday I could call […]

Is it possible to set up multistore in Woocommerce?

Is it possible to have a multistore in WooCommerce? I want to divide my WooCommerce store into 3 distinct stores with the toys showing up in 3 different collection names called: remote cars robots funny Is it possible to set up up 3 different stores or collections using WooCommerce? Or do I need to go […]

Can a user spread virus on my Multisite?

Can a user spread Virus or do an harm to Multisite Installation ? Can a user take a chance of using “HTML ” option in posts? In what ways do my Multi-site have chances to get attacked ? Could you suggest me some precautions to follow with multisite ? I wanted to maintain Muilti-site for […]

WordPress Multisite – is it possible to put the main site in a subdirectory?

I am creating a site that has different language versions and the requirement from the client is that all language versions are: A different site on a Multisite setup They all have address like this: Since the main site is in english, it’s address actually has to be, not just If possible, […]

WordPress multisite installation broke menu links

I am using the Thesis theme with my WordPress multisite installation. I also changed the permalink settings from the Super Admin settings to remove /blog/ from the path. But now my menu links are broken. The permalink structure now is /%postname%/ and my pages have the links, etc. When I try and navigate […]

Default category link for a custom category is a broken link

I’m developing a Multisute plugin that is supposed to setup sites using a specific template, including setting up several static pages and menu items, as well as a “Blog” category for blog posts. The category is created fine, and has one post in it, and I’ve figured out how to setup the menu link to […]

Why is 'is_multisite' returning true when it's a single install?

I’ve installed a single site WP. In one of my plugins, I have the following code: if(is_multisite) { $upload_dir = get_upload_dir(); $_SESSION[‘root_image_dir’] = str_replace(‘\\’,’/’,$upload_dir[‘basedir’]); echo ‘IS MULTI.’; //<– this is outputted every time } else { $_SESSION[‘root_image_dir’] = ”; echo ‘IS NOT MULTI’.$_SESSION[‘root_image_dir’]; } For some reason, the echo statement is triggered every time. Why […]

Create a network of sites

I understand that WP3 integrated MU-WP inside the core, so now is “pretty easy” create a network of sites. However, I have some questions about this, because at my work we want to create a network, but already we have some sites, and I don’t know how this could affect our current infrastructure. I read […]

Multisites, upload issues, and iOS!

This question has changed significantly. I have the latest version of WordPress and am hosting it on an Apache server. Link to Blog: Now, here’s the thing. When I upload a video to WordPress it will play on a Mac in Firefox with the WordPress URL the item is given (ex:″ provider=”video). In […]