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posttype and custom fields on multisite

is there a plugin to create custom post types and custom fields on the main network itself so that its available across all the sites in that network and can be accessed by all sites in that networks…for single site we use advanced custom field and simple post type is there anything for multi-site too? […]

Remove superadmin role from the “change role to” menu in user listing

In my multi-site network, I am using “User Role Editor” plugin to assign capabilities to roles. I want the site-admins (administrators) of sub-sites to have capability to change role of any user to any other role except the super-admin role. The only way to achieve that, as per my limited understanding, is to hide the […]

Multisite Network: How to change permalink structure programmatically on new blogs

I have a subdomain multisite network. I have implemented a system in order to create new subdomains programmatically, just filling a form. Now I have a need: when a new blog is created, I’d like to set its permalink structure to /postname/. I’ve tried these solutions: How to set permalink structure via functions.php function set_default_permalink_for_new_blogs($blog_id) […]

How to remove a CPT Menu from the Root Admin only

So im currently developing a plugin, this plugin has a new CPT that i would like to exclude its menu from the admin page of the first site. Im using a multi-site installation. The menu has to only be visible to the other site admins but not the first one. The Link where i want […]

Allow editors to switch sites (Multisite)

I have a multisite setup – 2 sites for the same company. Because the sites are for the same company they both share several users with the role ‘Editor’. Is there a way to allow these users to switch between sites in the backend whilst keeping them as Editors? A particular capability I can add?

How to clone and locally run a network for testing

I have a live network installed on a remote web server. I am about to start writing some plugins for it but want to test that they behave before disrupting a live site. I was thinking that I would clone the site (backup the database, download via FTP the files) and restore to localhost for […]

Known Issues in WordPress When Upgrading PHP to ver 7

I am running a WordPress Multisite Network in PHP 5.6.30 and MySQL Community Server 5.6.35 I plan to upgrade my server to PHP ver 7.1.x and MySQL to the MariaDB ver 10 Are there any issues that I need to be aware of and account for before I do such an upgrade?

Is there a way to trigger an automatic import of a WP backup on creation of a new WP multisite site?

I have a WP backup file of sample content I use when I set up a new site on my WP multisite install (I use it for theme dev work for clients). Is there a way to trigger the import function to fire when I create a new site? I’ve looked at the WPMU blog […]

Replicate network plugins without having to configure it for each subsite?

I was wondering if there is a simple way to replicate my configurations for all the subsites once i have activated a network plugin without having to go thru each and configure it manually ? Upgrade a set or single network plugin(s) with the same configuration to all subsites

New Multisite Network: redirected you too many times

I have recently turned on Multisite network for a domain. I created a network site as a sub-directory. When I loaded that site’s /wp-admin I received an error: This page isn’t working redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS I have cleared my cookies for this domain but the issue remains. […]