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Changing wp-content to other name? Multisite set up

Is there an easy way to change the words wp-content that show in the source code to xyz-content without breaking my site? I want to do it for branding purposes. I tried: Url rewriting but the original wp-content still shows in the source code. Doing a site download, find and replace and then re-upload but […]

Multisite get_home_url(); – Getting URL for current site

What would be the replacement for get_home_url() when using a multisite? For example, if I have one theme installed across several sites, and within the theme there are links that need to be specific to the current site. On my single install, using get_home_url(); would give me, which was great, and if I moved […]

Redirect users on logout

Have multisite set up and would like to redirect users on logout to the root site home page. I know there has to be an answer for this. But I can’t find it! driving me batty;-) Any help greatly appreciated.

Full Domain Mapping with WP3 in Multiuser Mode

You may have learned already to reconfigure your WP3 so that it loads in MU mode, and set it for subdomains. Evidently my Dallas client claims that instead of just subdomains, there are some tricks you can do (cpanel? wp-admin? plugin? config file change?) to make a full domain like for a subdomain, instead […]

How to hook a function only when I need to delete permanently a post?

I need to hook a function only when I delete permanently a post from the database, I’ve tried the ‘before_delete_post’ hook, however, it’s called both when it’s trashed and permanently deleted. The wp_delete_post() function calls wp_trash_post() and should stop processing, but it looks like the wp_delete_post() is called again after the post is trashed. I’ve […]

How can I fix a Virtual Multiblog install that has no errors, but won't show all my sites?

I’ve been using Stephen Rider’s Virtual Multiblog system for WordPress for a while now, and recently, I decided to add one more blog to my existing batch of three. The difference was, while all my other blogs existed as subdomains, this time I wanted WordPress for my main domain. Somehow, this broke all my other […]

Multisite plugin hiding on specific blogs

Is it possible to hide plugins on a per blog basis in WordPress multisite? I would like not to have plugins available on certain blogs.

Delete pages and Create default pages for all new network sites

I am using the following code to delete some default pages and to also create some default pages for all new sites that are created. It work as is now but that is only because I purposely have a mistake there that whenever I correct, the functions stop working. This is the part of the […]

WP MU – Accessing 'Domain-Mapped' WP-Admin with a subdomain

After mapping the domains to each WP MU blog I’m having to separately login to each of the blogs and from what I’ve read online it’s not possible or not secure to keep a user logged in on different domains if you’re using cookies. Is it possible to still have each WP blog mapped ( […]

Multiple sites that share some pages, but not others

I’m pretty new to WordPress… I’m trying to set up a few sites, each with their own top level domain name. What I want them to do is share some of the pages, but not others. For example – they would all share Services, Contact, and Team pages; but would each have their own Biography […]