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Set a default page template to load for multi-site

I’m modifying the install.php (coping in from upgrade.php) file to load default pages that get created with a new blog is registered. Im trying to find out how i can specify the page template that the new page will be assigned. is there anything like page_template =>? Ive searched the codex but dont seem to […]

WordPress multisite,use same cookies across all website?

Hi is this posible to use same custom cookies across all blogs?Can someone help me with this?

How to query blogs posts of WordPress sub domain?

I am using WordPress 3.2.1 multi-user. I need to show posts from a specific sub domain in my home page, for example: I need to show posts from sub-blog in my home page. Is their any special code to query from a specific blog?

Using “/blog” as a site with WordPress Multi-Site

I have WordPress installed in the root directory, and plan to use the domain.tld as a portfolio and domain.tld/blog as personal blog site. Since the blog keyword is reserved in WordPress and can’t be used for creating any child site, I tried changing the reserved words defined with subdirectory_reserved_names in /wp-admin/network/site-new.php. I was successful in […]

(How) Can I change my Multisite Network to use a different blog as Primary?

Here’s my basic setup: – The “primary blog” or “Network” – A sub-site or “blog” – Same, obviously What I’d like to do is create a new blog called “/network” — and use that as my Network site instead of the root URL, so that I can use the “/” as just […]

why i cannot see some plugins while they are enabled on network admin page?

i am using WPMU 3.3.1, i have some plugins enabled but why i cannot see them in some wordpress panel, it is confusing, but these plugins may take effect to these blogs, it is really strange to take effect before i enable it … these erroneous plugins include Private Only, WordPress Importer, WP Super Cache […]

Multisite signup spam troubles

I have a installation of Multisite that has a history of serious signup spam problems. When we ran WPMU 2.9.2 we tried this .htaccess method, this math plugin, and CAPTCHAs. After little success with those options we added some common email domains to Limited Email Registrations. We noticed that even after adding this measure we […]

Creating a subdomain network in a subdomain

I’ve installed WordPress on I’ve enabled the WordPress Network on this installation, choosing a subdomain install. I’ve created a wildcard subdomain in cpanel, which is *.subdomain(, which points to /public_html/subdomain I’ve created a site:, but I cannot visit the dashboard of this site, nor does it show under the My Sites dropdown menu […]

turn single domain off

I am running WordPress 3.3.2 with multi site in sub-domain mode. I want to add a new sub-domain but have it be “offline” until I finish working on it. Is there an easy way to do this? I know that if its a single site i can just add an if in the header file […]

Creating /blog subsite on WP multisite network

I’ve had a site for a few years that till yesterday consisted of two WP 3.2.1 installations- one for the main site and one for the blog, which had a different theme and was located at []/blog. We need a few more blogs now, and I wanted to unify the user database, so I decided […]