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Multisite, sharing content by URL

I have a network of two sites, and I’d like it so that if I create a page on A with a permalink of /Widgets I can access it on B using the same relative permalink but without having to actually create the content on B. (One site has user profiles that we’d […]

Multisite setup on IIS with subdomains

I have WordPress 3.4.2 set up on a Windows 2008 R2 server with IIS 7.5. I enabled multisite using subdomains and set up one additional site, call it I can browse to the main site at just fine, but whenever I browse to it tries to go to the default web site […]

How do you load WordPress from an external script when using MultiSite?

Possible Duplicate: Using WordPress functions on other sites I have an external script that needs to load up WordPress in order to have access to WordPress functionality. In the past I have successfully done this by including wp-load.php. However, when using MultiSite, this does not work. It appears to be logged as a bug here. […]

Multi Site Search Pagination is Broken

the CG Cookie network is running a WordPress multi site install. There is a strange bug happening with the search pagination when on any of the sub sites. For example, if you go to, which is one of the sub sites, and do a search for “blender”, you will be taken to a search […]

WP-Admin not working properly at WordPress multisite with subdirectories

I have recently installed a WordPress Multisite Blog on my domain. Everything is working fine, except for wp-admin of the subsites: I can access wp-admin of a subsite, but css is not loaded and when I try to click on a navigation link I get the wordpress “File not found” error. That is because it […]

Multisite Global Custom Posts

I have a museum client with a multisite setup with pages that detail the exhibits in their facility. They recently added tablets throughout the museum and want their tablets to display only their exhibits (no other extraneous pages from the main site) for visitors to use while in venue. I thought the solution would be […]

Sharing a common set of image files for media library, across all sites within multisite

In mutisite, the uploads directory structure looks like this: /wp-content/uploads/sites/1/ /2/ /3/ Each number is the id of the site within the network of sites. My plugin installs several image files into each site’s respective upload directory then calls wp_insert_attachment to get the images into each site’s media library. I have that figured out. What […]

Installing multisite on domain with existing subdirectory wordpress installations

I have a domain that already has a number of wordpress installations in existing subdirectories. I would like to activate wordpress multisite to manage so new subdirectory installations with a new template. The concern I have is that on activating multisite it’s prompting me to clear all database tables for the existing installation. Will this […]

Subfolder Multisite : optional www subdomain

I have installed a WP Multisite using subfolders rather than subdomains. At the time of installation I was on and created 2 blogs: If I navigate to my WP network without the www subdomain ( I either get redirected to the site root ( or I get a page/post not found message. […]

WordPress multisite subdirectory redirect infinite loop issue

Any time I create a new site on my multisite install, I get an infinite loop redirect when navigating to that site’s admin. I’m using the default htaccess supplied by WP for my subdirectory install. Here’s what I have: RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L] # add a trailing slash to /wp-admin RewriteRule […]