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Pull Custom /wp-admin/css for Non-Admin in Multisite

Here’s a problem I’m sure many would like to find an answer to… In a multi-site install, sometimes I would like blog owners to have their dashboard display differently style-wise. These styles are largely controlled by the /wp-admin/css/ folder. The problem is that if we edit /wp-admin/css/, it impacts everybody – the MultiSite administrator included. […]

WordPress network vs Separate installs

I am contemplating hosting all my client sites on one wordpress network. So far I’ve been installing a new wordpress installation for every site. Is it a good idea (compared to standalone installation) to have all sites hosted in one network in terms of scalability?

how to have __() translating in languages different from admin?

I use native wordpress multisite for languages (it, en, fr, de, es). I need not to use a plugin. Still, all the admin dashboards will be in italian, because editors are all italian people. I know __() and related functions get the translation language from the WPLANG constant, but WPLANG also affects admin languange. I’d […]

WordPress multi-site, developing locally and syncing live changes

I’ve been working on a local version of a WP multi-site. Since I have been doing this, some of the live sites have been updated with new content. I was wondering if there was a better process to syncing content changes to what I’m planning to do. Which is: Download a WordPress XML Export file […]

Multisite – big hosting package or several hosting packages?

When I want to create a mutlisite on which I can create mutliple sub-sites with different domain names, do I have to buy a hosting package for each of these sub-sites or can I just link the domain name to the corresponding sub-site of WordPress MU

Changed sub-site to its own domain trigger 302 redirects for all page links

Below, I’m calling the development site (containing the WPMS install) and the domain that will point to a Norwegian sub-site of, I call A Norwegian sub-site is ready to be launched, and the client is ready to point to the WordPress installation. I’m manually pointing to the correct IP address […]

Don't allow access to wp-admin but allow admin-ajax requests to be fulfilled on frontend?

I have a site that requires users to have an acccount to use it. I don’t want certain user roles to have access to wp-admin. All account changes should happen on the frontend account management templates. If a user tries to access wp-admin I want to redirect them back to the site homepage. function redirect_user(){ […]

Missing images after moving servers

I cloned an inherited WP Multisite and have got it up and running thanks to advice in a this and this previous questions. Things are moving along with the exception of images. Missing Images On one of the sub-blogs, images inside content posts aren’t showing up. For example I have <img title=”CNDP Pic” src=”” alt=”Pic” […]

Multisite 404 errors and non-www redirecting to home page

My primary website on a multisite network was created with the www prefix (like If I try to access pages without the www prefix (like instead of, I am redirected to the homepage ( I would like to change this so I am redirected simply redirected to the same page URL, only […]

Multisite Login problem

Ever since I upgraded my multisite network from 3.8 to 3.9, I have not been able to login through the main blog. It’s a subdirectory install, not subdomain. When I try to login to the main site:, get the the message “This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no […]