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WordPress mutisite migration

Recently i have install a wordpress multi-site for a client. After the initial launch client had change mind to transfer the site to a another domain, i have moved the WP multi-site successfully, i have no issue on front end, it’s working fine i can access site 1 and site 2. My issue is in […]

WordPress multisite with multiple parent domains

I know that I can map multiple domains to individual blogs through plugins. But is it possible to configure WordPress multisite to have more than one parent domain? Ie., a user wants to create a blog. We use the standard form for that, but apart from choosing their own subdomain, I’d like to be able […]

Add custom user fields in Multisite USERS page

I use add_action( ‘show_user_profile’, ‘my_func’ ); add_action( ‘edit_user_profile’, ‘my_func’ ); but this functions are only displayed on SUB-SITE user-profiles… How to make them to be shown in GLOBAL MULTISITE user-profile? I mean, I want to set some fields for users that will be global, not only per-site.

What is the best way to setup wordpress development environment for freelancers with version control?

I am trying to setup wordpress development environment for freelancers. I have freelancers working on my site from different locations. Which tools and technologies will support development of my current website and how? I came across vagrant, will it be useful? Also, how can I do version control? I have decided to go with sub-domain […]

Localized WordPress content for different sub-locales of same language?

I have a site which serves Ireland & England. I want to move it to WordPress. Currently all the content is the same when you visit the site & it runs off two urls, the Irish one: & the english I need to show different prices based on whether the user is visiting […]

Change Username?

A while back I was able to change the user-name in the wp_users table without problem. I noticed today that is not the case, or at least not with the super-admin user role. How can I adjust the user-name for a super-admin? I’m simply changing a user name first character from uppercase to lowercase. It’s […]

Excluding a page with a certain name from wp_page_menu

A client of mine has a WP multisite network of sites which all use the same template. This template uses wp_page_menu. I just added a mobile version of the template by using a certain plugin. It will use the same pages as the desktop version of the website, but the client has requested a different […]

What is the best practice to get a site from local to online?

I develop my sites on a local xamp setup. When I´m done I need to get the site to my customer´s domain. Can I use vault press or backupbuddy for this, or is there a better process ?

Automatically adding post and pages to new blog setups

I’m using the ThreeWP Broadcast plugin to add and control post and pages from the main blog to all my sub-blogs in the network. Is there anyway i can automatically add all of my post and pages from my main blog to new blogs I set up without having to go in each individual post […]

user-new.php less detailed after WP3.1; how to revert?

I updated WP to 3.1, and one issue my organization (which uses WP in Network Mode) is having is the Add New User page in wp-admin is now much less detailed — before it was more like profile.php, with the ability to set username, password and much more. Now, it’s only username, password and role. […]