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Global searchin multisite but only with one subsite

I have a multisite set up with currently 2 subsites. Is it possible to have a search box that searches the main site and just one subsite?

Plugin Uninstall and Deactivate via Options Menu

I’m creating my first plugin (modifying an existing one for what I need) and although it’s working fine i am trying to create a simple options menu to allow either deactivation of the plugin, or deactivation and removal of tables that the plugin creates. In the options panel I have the following form to allow […]

Override database config for WordPress multisite

Our team has run in to a problem working with WordPress 3 multisite. We usually work with a local copy of the site (localhost/testsite) but with the same database to keep all changes up to date. This works fine in a single install because you can override the database configs from PHP with: define( ‘URL’, […]

What is the most efficient way to have two “blogs” on one site?

What I want: Two wordpress blogs with separate cats and tags Site root to not be wordpress or to be a static page with custom template <– NOT wordpress <– wordpress <– wordpress One theme directory What I have tried so far: I have installed one wordpress theme […]

Sub-Sub-Blogs — creating and importing content into a custom sub-type

Description: The university radio station I volunteer at uses WordPress 3’s Network Mode for the entirety of its web content. It uses the format: Top-Level (.com/*) — Basic station information, links to feeds, etc. The main site. Subdomains (* — Station departments (I.e., “music”, “spoken word”, etc.) Program Top-Level Sub-Directory (.com/program/*) — Custom post type […]

Alias domain to Multi-site installation in Apache

This is regarding to set an Alias domain to Multi-site installation. We want to create a short domain as alias to my main website(Multi-Site enabled).I have tried it using a most common options like… 1)Creating cname records, 2)pointing to main installation location as addon domain 3)Domain parking When we try the first two options it […]

Preview posts returns 404

It’s a large WordPress multisite installation, using subfolders for the individual blogs, not domains. We are running version 3.1, and preview posts doesn’t work. When I press preview I get the 404.php page. Nothing in the log files that caught my eye, all plugins disabled. Sometimes I get an error message about insufficient rights when […]

how could I have a user signing up for a blog, be assigned to that blog only

We have a WPMU instance: Now, blog1 is closed to used registration, while blog2 us open to users registering and posting. now, how do I get to have a user added to only blog2 when he signs up ? as of now, he is not added to any blog and only this. Now, […]

Multisite Backup Plugin

Hi Is it possible to backup each blog separately from a multisite installation? Can I do it with: ?

How to Run Code Before a New Site is Created on MultiSite for Validation

I’d like to run some custom validation code on attempts to create new sites on my MultiSite environment, particularly the /wp-admin/network/site-new.php page. I’ve explored site-new.php, and have found zero instances of do_action() and the only filter is for subdirectory_reserved_names. I imagine I could write some overly general code that runs on something like every admin_init, […]