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Change WordPress Multisite Domain

I created a multisite install on a development domain. Now, I want to change it over to my main domain. I’ve heard that I shouldn’t do a database dump, and change everything with a text editor. I’ve followed the WPEngine tutorial below, but it caused 500 server errors. Any advice? How to change a Multisite […]

Error : Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser

I have a multisite WordPress installation. When I am logged in as a super admin from the main website, and go to the dashboard from the main site into another site, it asks me for login details. When I enter the details, it gives me an error: ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by […]

How to share User Database between Two Multisite Installations + More

My situation is a bit different to the other questions/answers I have read online here. Currently I have a WordPress Multisite Installation on Server A. Server A is almost full in terms of Storage/Ram & Connections meaning that an upgrade is out of the question. I have another server, different IP, different host that I […]

How to Sync Menu, Widgets and other masters from Main Website to its Sub Site

I am using WordPress Multisite Network and i am having problems regarding masters to its subsite. I am not able to see the widgets or Menus which were created on Main website to its Sub-site. When i am going to check in the Database whole tables are different of every subsite. So is there any […]

Multi-Site / Single Site Decisions

New to wordpress here and I’ve seen some conflicting recommendations on whether or not my particular site design would benefit from it or not. Instead of guessing and not knowing for certain I thought I would check here. I’m planning on having a site with a single ‘branding’ but multiple contributors – blog writers, podcasts, […]

Why, when moving a WordPress multisite network, have my theme customisations stopped working?

I have recently moved a multisite network to a new domain. There is only 1 site in the network currently (I’m in the process of building the sites for the network and I am pushing this one to a staging server for testing). To move the site I did the following: Transferred ALL files Exported […]

moving tables between multisite installs

So I have a WP multisite install where our client made changes over on a staging site. But now we need to bring the changed tables back in. The issue is we didnt bring the entire DB to staging, and cant bring the entire DB back in. We have 260+ sites and only need to […]

Disable site visiting and user logins excepting for a specific user

I want to disable temporarily site visiting and user logins to a multisite blog for the site maintenance time, excepting for super-admins and for a specific user. I found this function (thanks @joshc) and it works very well, but I don’t know how to add the specific username to it so it can visit the […]

importing data into wordpress db

Hi I am currently using wordpress 4.0 multisite(bitnami multisite stack) and am using WPMU directory plugin to create business reviews directory. Have some custom fields created using custompress which is included with the WPMU directory plugin. I need to import over 3 million businesses data that is on my local mysql installation. Have tried to […]

Multisite default theme and child applied to network

I have an existing WP Multisite network. I want to simplify the maintenance of the themes. I’d like all subsites to have the same parent and child theme applied across the network.I saw several posts on WP_DEFAULT_THEME in the wp-config.php file but am unclear what the code would look like when applying both the parent […]