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Multisite 404 page

I’ve recently installed Multisite using sub directories and I was wondering if it was possible for the sub directory sites to have their own 404 page? Currently, any links coming in to the sub directory site that should return a 404 are returning a soft 404 on the main or root site. EDIT Thanks to […]

Which Multi-language option for WordPress is best from an SEO and Woocommerce perspective?

I am wanting to set up an English and German version of a site for selling products and using content marketing. So I will be doing key word research in both languages. There will be a lot of overlap in keyword translation, but not always. Meaning there will be more content in one of the […]

You need to login with a user that has edit posts capacity?

I have a network blog and after the user has created a site they are getting an error when trying to save their post: You need to login with a user that has edit posts capacity Shouldn’t they have edit posts capacity when they’ve created their account?

How can you customize on a multisite?

How do multisites have the ability to customize the look of the theme (menu color, style, etc.) without changing it for everyone else. Where are these separate files stored?

Multi-vendor with custom shop site for each vendor

What is the best way to create a multi-vendor site that allows user to register as a vendor and not only this but it provides the vendor a new custom shop web-site which he/she can customize by himself/herself. I already found some of the plugins that allows this at some point but i want to […]

How to have one installation at and multiple blogs in sub folders such as

I have a website, say, where I would like to have a few blogs owned by a few people (it isn’t a blog creating site for end users though). For this, I am going to create a sub domain and let each user have their own folder for the blog, something like […]

How to install seperate theme on certain page

My question pertains to the latest version of WordPress. I am looking to have a two themes on under 1 domain. In other words will have one theme present. will have a completely separate theme.. Its the same concept as WordPress Theme sites, they will have 10-30 different layouts, and are able to […]

How to pull data from child installation to parent theme

I want to build a very large application, where I want to give some parts a whole new look, for example my site consists of Blog, Shop, Activities, calendar, and lots of different sections I want to give admin rights to some of the guys so they can post data, but I also want to […]

Change Woocommerce languange on a multisite install

I have been trying to figure this out but seems that there is no way to do it, and I don’t want to use WPML, I have been using it and it’s super heavy and buggy. So, the question is … Is there a hack to change the Woocommerce .mo language file on a multisite […]

add_action wp_ajax_ not loading in plugin file WP Network

I’m developing a plugin that relies pretty heavily on AJAX calls. It works well in a single-install version of WordPress, but when I ported it into a Network WP my AJAX functions stopped working (always return 0). Simplified, my plugin setup looks like this: // plugin.php /* Plugin Name: My plugin */ defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) […]