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Forcing SSL Protocol for Multisite Subdomain Child Sites + cPanel Configuration

I’m running a WP multisite using subdomains. I would like to force SSL protocol for all requests and am running into an issue for non-SSL requests on my child sites. I’m using the WP Force SSL plugin. I’ve done a bit of digging around and tried the following .htaccess directive, but it doesn’t work (nor […]

Multi-site vs seperate installs for just 3 blogs?

I’m new to WordPress and in a few months will be attempting to set up three blogs. They most likely will be hosted on a Windows Server with IIS. (because the server is already there, and nobody else would know how to maintain Apache) The blogs will be unrelated and not share any common users. […]

Multisite: I have a gap in my blogs. How to add the missing one?

So I deleted a few blogs that I no longer needed in my multisite…but I didnt realize that it would create a “gap” in my blogs. In other words I now have http://webaddress/wp-admin/network/site-settings.php?id=1 http://webaddress/wp-admin/network/site-settings.php?id=3 And the blog-id “2” is now missing. If I try to use that same link for example with “2” appended at […]

Installing WP twice in same Directory?

I have a website that has WordPress installed in the root directory / I have another website, that’s contents is within that root directory, /seperatesite/ that stores a separate, small, splash page type website, with a separate domain pointing to it. I want to setup another WordPress install inside of this folder. Is it hazardous […]

Plugin to list active plugins across networked sites

I guess the title of this question is not clear. I’m asking for a plugin, which only superadmins can use, that shows which (or, at least, how many) blogs use each plugin installed on the network. I’ve searched a lot for this, but found nothing. Is anybody who knows any such plugin?

Poor performance on multisite install

I have my multisite site up and running the main site is The big problem I am having is performance. It can take several seconds before anything starts showing up. Obviously, this is unacceptable. I have seen some tips like adding <?php flush(); ?> to the header. I am using the the delivered twenty […]

How to use Multiple-Domains in one Multi-Site Installation?

I have created a Multi-Site and want to help my friends to create Sub-sites under it.I also have Idea to offer 3 choices to chose from the domain names they wish . For Example : My main site is .They should have an option to chose from, and . I have googled […]

Is it possible to have a network of BuddyPress sites, a-la WordPress MU, with single-sign-on?

We’re looking to create a network of BuddyPress sites that share a common design, a common theme and some common content, but the same userbase across all network sites. Each user will ‘belong’ to a network site, so whilst people can browse the London, New York and Sydney editions, they will need to ‘belong’ to […]

Hook up MU site creation

I want to write a plugin so I can hook up the wp_install_defaults function. I actually need to do the following: when a new site is created, I want to import a default XML file with some categories and default posts. wp_install_defaults is the function that does that, but it doesn’t seem to work. Isn’t […]

how to identify a multisite installation

I am creating a plugin. I want to add a different options page, based on multisite or single site. I need a code which can identify installation is Multisite or single site.