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Allow user to select a theme to install when they signup

Is it possible to allow a user to select which theme they would like installed from the new site signup page? And once the site is created, it obviously installs whichever theme they chose. I found wp_get_themes. Is this how you would go about pre-populating a dropdown menu with all the available themes? How do […]

Add additional Network constants to wp-config.php dynamically

When starting with a fresh Network install, the first step is a single site install that has one additional line in the wp-config.php file: define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true ); After that we have to go to Tools > Network Setup, enter some details like network name and super admin email and finally hit the button to […]

Which asset URLs are acceptable in a “vanilla” MU install?

WordPress appears to let content be addressed by many URIs in an MU install. For example: All appear to route to the same place. Are there more aliases? Which one is canonical? Are any of these accidental? Are there relevant filters?

Uninstall script for a plugin in Multisite

I’ve just realized that the traditional uninstall.php file along a plugin is not working in Multisite. if ( !defined( ‘WP_UNINSTALL_PLUGIN’ ) ) exit(); delete_option( ‘plugin_option_name’ ); This doesn’t delete the sub-sites options in all wp_SITE-ID_options tables. Is there a standard way for doing this?

What's the difference between get_site_option and get_blog_option?

I’m trying to understand the difference between get_site_option() and get_blog_option(). Are blog and site two different things? Apologies if this question seems basic, but when referring to a WordPress website, I’ve always used both terms very loosely (to mean the same thing). I’m now wondering if there is a difference?

Where is the robots.txt stored for a WordPress Multisite install?

Google Webmaster Tools can see it, but I can’t find it. Any idea on how it’s generated or where it is the file structure? I don’t see the file in my root. My website is at and the robots.txt file URL is In the end, Google isn’t indexing my site and I am […]

How to set permalink structure via functions.php

I’m setting up a WordPress Network and wanted all new sites to have the same permalink structure (i.e. “/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/”). I’m wondering if this is possible to do via hooks or hacks in functions.php, without having to rely on users to choose that structure.

How can I un-reserve a pending username registration?

I am setting up a new WordPress Multisite instance, and am still working out some kinks in the stack. Most significantly at the moment, user registration emails are not being delivered for some reason. As a result, several usernames are stuck in limbo as the confirmation emails necessary to activate them are lost. For now […]

What are options are there to implement a multi language site

What is the best way to have multiple languages on a site? I was thinking of using WP3.0 and then having each language of the site being a seperate blog in a sub directory. I.E. And then just being able to have one theme that all the sites share. Is there a […]

Create mobile site with same content just different theme

I have a wordpress site and want to create a different theme for mobile. I’d like to create a subdomain such as which will use a mobile optimized theme much different than the desktop version theme. I understand multisite will handle the subdomain problem but I want all the content, custom posts, plugins, etc […]