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sub-page settings saving in NETWORK DASHBOARD

In single WP installations, on a plugin’s generated sub-page, you put <form action=”options.php” … does the job well. However, in Multisite Network sub-page, options.php doesnt work, nor settings.php (it redirects to that page after form submission)… I cant find out what page to use there, to send <form> values to that page which will save […]

How to show sites under “My Sites” Menu in admin panel wordpress multisite?

When i add new multisite by visiting “My sites -> Network admin -> sites”, the list of sites appear. This list contains more than 10 sites. But when i hover to “My Site” Menu in admin panel top admin bar, there are few sites are showing. I wanna list all site down here on hover. […]

WordPress multisite with separate domains

I have been setting up a woocommerce wordpress site for a while now on a sub domain and have successfully moved it to a main domain. I have enabled the multisite feature using the networking additions to the htaccess and wp_config.php It works However when I went to set up another site with a different […]


I created a multisite with sub-domain ( The Sub domain page just shows Index of -> cgi-bin instead of showing the actual website. I do not know exactly how sub domains work in WordPress multisite network but i have already few websites ( as a sub domain that are separate WordPress instances and not part […]

create new site subsite in wordpress multisite by subscriber user instead of network admin

How to create new site subwebsite in wordpress multisite by subscriber user instead of main admin. I want registered user can create one sub domain instead of network admin. i have search my there is no option to add new sub-site by sub users. is there any option or custom code or any free plugin […]

WordPress Multisite: Programmatically Activate / Deactivate a Plugin of a Specific Blog

Programmatically, I want to activate / deactivate a plugin of this specific blog/site in a WordPress Multisite. Any help will be gladly appreciated, thank you!

How to fix that new users show up again in subsite of a Multisite?

When I add a new user in multisite, the user is successfully displayed in multisite super admin environment. But when I go to the subsite where I want to add this user, the new added user doesn’t show up. (In the database the new user exists.) Do you have an idea, why this happens? (Additional […]

Redirect only posts to New Domain

I am using two domains for a blog, being exact: Previously, is acting like blog and definitely on WordPress. Few months ago, I migrated the blog content to At that time, I was using .htaccess for 301 redirection of all posts using Wildcard redirection. Now, I installed a WordPress MultiSite on […]

WordPress multisite with only two level of sub-domains?

I’ve just set up WordPress 4.8.2 on Ubuntu 16.04, and configured it for Multisite using sub-domains. I can browse to and things work fine. If I select Sites -> Add New Site, I am aksed for the site address and it is always however I do not want 3 levels of sub-domains. I’d […]

posttype and custom fields on multisite

is there a plugin to create custom post types and custom fields on the main network itself so that its available across all the sites in that network and can be accessed by all sites in that networks…for single site we use advanced custom field and simple post type is there anything for multi-site too? […]