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Default category link for a custom category is a broken link

I’m developing a Multisute plugin that is supposed to setup sites using a specific template, including setting up several static pages and menu items, as well as a “Blog” category for blog posts. The category is created fine, and has one post in it, and I’ve figured out how to setup the menu link to […]

Why is 'is_multisite' returning true when it's a single install?

I’ve installed a single site WP. In one of my plugins, I have the following code: if(is_multisite) { $upload_dir = get_upload_dir(); $_SESSION[‘root_image_dir’] = str_replace(‘\\’,’/’,$upload_dir[‘basedir’]); echo ‘IS MULTI.’; //<– this is outputted every time } else { $_SESSION[‘root_image_dir’] = ”; echo ‘IS NOT MULTI’.$_SESSION[‘root_image_dir’]; } For some reason, the echo statement is triggered every time. Why […]

Create a network of sites

I understand that WP3 integrated MU-WP inside the core, so now is “pretty easy” create a network of sites. However, I have some questions about this, because at my work we want to create a network, but already we have some sites, and I don’t know how this could affect our current infrastructure. I read […]

Multisites, upload issues, and iOS!

This question has changed significantly. I have the latest version of WordPress and am hosting it on an Apache server. Link to Blog: Now, here’s the thing. When I upload a video to WordPress it will play on a Mac in Firefox with the WordPress URL the item is given (ex:″ provider=”video). In […]

Any downsides on using Multisite for many look-alike-websites?

I’m developing multiple websites for a photographer. Most of the time I build a custom design around these wonderful images the photographer makes, but in many cases the companies don’t have the budget to let us build a custom designed WP site. So I’m looking for a easy way to offer my clients a ‘template’. […]

Disable Outbound Web Requests

I’ve setup wordpress on AWS. I want to reduce as much network traffic as possible. What services/jobs do I need to disable in WordPress?

Create a network of blogs with WordPress 3

I want to create a network of sites on the WordPress platform. Apartment Therapy is a prime example of how I would like to implement the network. They are using unique domains, not subdomains or directories. Click Technology in the top nav for Unplggd, click Children for Ohdeedoh, etc. Can you give me your opinion […]

Changing wp-content to other name? Multisite set up

Is there an easy way to change the words wp-content that show in the source code to xyz-content without breaking my site? I want to do it for branding purposes. I tried: Url rewriting but the original wp-content still shows in the source code. Doing a site download, find and replace and then re-upload but […]

Multisite get_home_url(); – Getting URL for current site

What would be the replacement for get_home_url() when using a multisite? For example, if I have one theme installed across several sites, and within the theme there are links that need to be specific to the current site. On my single install, using get_home_url(); would give me, which was great, and if I moved […]

Redirect users on logout

Have multisite set up and would like to redirect users on logout to the root site home page. I know there has to be an answer for this. But I can’t find it! driving me batty;-) Any help greatly appreciated.