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WordPress Multisite Add User

Have allowed users to register their own website and at the same time this adds them as a user to that site. However, is there a way to default them to a subscriber of the site they are signing up for rather than automatically adding them as a administrator. I’ve looked around in the mess […]

Two Websites with the same administration Panel In WordPress

Requirement is to create two websites with wordpress : The official Website for Desktop . ( The Mobile Version . ( What I want is to create another Website for the mobile version but with the same content or database (Posts – Categories – Pages – administration Panel .. ) . So, What to do […]

SELinux security vs WordPress updates

We have a quite huge WordPress multi-sites installation with lots of themes/plugins. So we often have new available updates (core/themes/plugins). We don’t use automatic updates : AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED is true DISALLOW_FILES_MODS is false Indeed we use a security system on server side (Security-Enhanced Linux) that prevent file modification. We have to do the updates manually, by […]

How Can I Change The Name Of My Subdomain in WordPress Multisite

I would like to change my wordpress multisite (main domain and subdomain) subdomain from to I have created the new subdomain in cpanel and believed that all I needed to do was copy the files from the current subdomain folder to the new subdomain folder. However, the files for my current subdomain are […]

WordPress Multisite/Network – How to use a subdomain as main blog and subdomain for child sites

I want to set up a WordPress Multisite where the main admin/blog URL will be on a subdomain, like, and then additional sites I create will also be subdomains under, such as Instead, in WordPress’s Network Setup section, it only allows subdomains like How can I have the main site be […]

LimitInternalRecursion error

Sorry for this dumb question. Actually, I am not a WordPress Developer and I have no idea what following code does in .htaccess file. I am getting many errors like this: AH00124: Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use ‘LimitInternalRecursion’ to increase the limit if necessary. Use ‘LogLevel […]

Copy user role on multisite so the user can access subsites with same role

I have a multisite network set up with around 250 sites. I’d like to be able to copy users with their assigned role from the main site in the network to subsites. Here is how I attempted to do this: functions.php add_action(‘wp’,’add_current_user_to_site’,10); function add_current_user_to_site() { if(!is_user_logged_in()) { return false; } $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); $blog_id = […]

How to have same admin login for more than one site?

I am curerently working on a project in which one site act as a parent site and other sites will act as child sites. All of these sites will come under same domain name. For example my parent site url will be like ””. And the other sites url will be like ” […]

WordPress homepage setup not working on first load

I have a multiste installation that setups a site on user registration, logs them into their new site and then redirects them to their new site’s homepage. This works perfectly however I have a strange homepage setup issue: When I try and set the homepage using the following: /** Homepage Setup **/ if (!current_user_can( ‘manage_options’ […]

sub-page settings saving in NETWORK DASHBOARD

In single WP installations, on a plugin’s generated sub-page, you put <form action=”options.php” … does the job well. However, in Multisite Network sub-page, options.php doesnt work, nor settings.php (it redirects to that page after form submission)… I cant find out what page to use there, to send <form> values to that page which will save […]