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I w'd like to know If there are simple solutions to integrate other CMSs to wordpress

I w’d like to know If I can Integrate my other web-sites created to my wordpress multisite using the CMSs like Dolphin ( integration discussion ) Oxwall sharetronix peoplepods yetanotherforum vidiscript Tikiwiki shapado (script, inspired by stackoverflow) ( seems to integrate with via OpenID ) These are the Opensource scripts for social networking […]

Problem in logging in as admin

When I am trying to login as admin to my site I am redirecting to another unknown page. The login page is pointed to a page-Id2 .I don’t understand why it is happened and how to solve it. The links to admin page are redirecting to that page Id-12 . Could any one help me […]

dynamic site link for future migration in echo do_shortcode()

I’m doing like an WP archive migration of old sites/themes which seems to only work under php 5.5 and WP 3.8.22 There are some site URL which are absolute as for a json timeline. How could I have a dynamic link such as bloginfo(‘url’), site_url, home_url ,base_url() etc (which will be dynamically changed when migrating) […]

Multisite adjust uploads like (/upload/%alphanumeric_id%/%file_type%/%blog_ID%)

Background: I’m trying to use the WordPress multisite feature as a multi-lang site were each blog is a different language. I have code which automatically generates a translation for my content at the other blogs. The articles are related by an alphanumeric ID to identify the translation in the db. This code generates the alphanumeric […]

How to make multi site with single Database?

I have a website with 10,000 Posts. Now I want to make more website with those posts. But requirement is: When I will update any post, all website post will be updated. When creating a new post, it will be published on all website. Every website settings will be different like Post permalink will be […]

In WordPress 3.x, I can't access posts from all blogs in the network

I use WordPress a ton, but I’m somewhat new to multisite. Now that 3.0 has brought multisite into the main core, shouldn’t there be an easy loop function that allows you to display the most recent posts from across your network, in a loop, for me to output in PHP as I want? Does anybody […]

How do I change discussion settings for all blogs in multisite?

I have a multisite with subdirectories. I want to change the discussion setting so that all comments will be automatically approved. If there will be need for moderation they will be deleted later. Is there a way to set this option globally and not per blog ?

How to display terms and conditions in post area?

I’m running a multisite. I would like to display “Terms and conditions” when user trying to create a new post. Users should Click “I agree” link and then proceed to create a new post(wp-admin/post-new.php). Is there any good plugin available for this? Or can anyone give me some snippets? Looking forward to it. Thanks

Simplest way to query with blog_id?

What is the simplest way to query posts using blog_id? I have a post type called video that holds, not surprisingly, multiple embedded videos. Each post has a different video. I would like to display a specific video in specific locations across different sites. The video posts are on Site 1, and other sites in […]

Multisite – getting a 404 for additional site created using subdomain install

I created an additional site on my multisite subdomain installation. Now when I try to visit the new site or its wp-admin, I get a 404 error. My wordpress instance is hosted on AWS Checked the following AllowOverride is set to All in httpd.conf contents of .htaccess are the same as those in Network settings […]