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Disabling outbound connectivity on web servers

Is it a good idea to harden your web server by disabling outbound connectivity on them? I am using RHEL 7 for a WordPress Multisite installation. After disabling outbound connectivity, the dashboard has become extremely slow, and the plugins page does not list the latest available ones. Could I still live with this? What are […]

Force Uploads Use Yearmonth to off (0) for all existing sites in Multisites

In WordPress Multisite, by default the site option Uploads Use Yearmonth Folders is on (set to 1). Is it possible to force this value for all existing sites in the Network? Perhaps a hook? I know that for new sites created one can use: function simplify_upload_folder($blog_id){ switch_to_blog($blog_id); update_option(‘uploads_use_yearmonth_folders’, false); restore_current_blog(); } add_action(‘wpmu_new_blog’, ‘simplify_upload_folder’); But what […]

Get all terms inside a specific taxonomy in a multisite

I have a father blog / main blog inside a multisite that has a specific taxonomy with 20+ terms inside it. i just need a list of all the terms inside that taxonomy… i dont mind quering using WPDB but just dont know to how to write it correctly or in any other way i […]

Multiple WordPress Blogs on one host, using 1 WordPress installation, using multiple templates

Hay, I was wondering if this is possible. I have a company called dotty. The domain for this company is However, my company has many subcompanies (company_1, company_2). Is it possible using WordPress to manage all these subcompanies within one WordPress installation? Each company needs to have it’s own template, and the URL’s will […]

Can I run a second wordpress site as a subdomain without using multisite?

I have an two wordpress sites that I would like to host on the same domain. One is already up and running, the other is sitting in waiting. Can I get the second as a subdomain, or simple within a folder, to run on the same domain (different DB) without converting to multisite?

What Plugin Do You Use to Turn WordPress based site to A Blog Aggregator

I mean that if I want to publish news feeds ,blog updates like bloglines and techmeme . I and my users should have possibility to add RSS entries and the feeds should be published . For now I am using feedwordpress .But here it is grabbing the blog authors emails and creating the accounts on […]

How do I add JavaScript that will execute on all my sites in Multisite?

We are creating an internal network of sites using MU and there are some small things we would like to have globally on all the sites without having to add them individually for each site. I would like to add a block of JavaScript and CSS that will execute on every site. What’s the best […]

Google Docs Viewer have problem in MultiSite sub-blogs

An example file: and here is same file but direct url without ms-files.php: Its same file. Just first one is getting call with ms-files.php. Problem is first file is not working in google docs viewer: giving this error: Sorry, we are unable to generate a view of the document at this time. […]

Why would switch_to_blog stop working?

I’m using the Multisite functionality of WordPress 3.0, and I have a network of sites built where I display one random post from one of the subsites on the main site’s front page. I accomplish this, in part, by using the switch_to_blog function from the old WPMU function list. Up until yesterday I could call […]

Is it possible to set up multistore in Woocommerce?

Is it possible to have a multistore in WooCommerce? I want to divide my WooCommerce store into 3 distinct stores with the toys showing up in 3 different collection names called: remote cars robots funny Is it possible to set up up 3 different stores or collections using WooCommerce? Or do I need to go […]