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How to have one installation at and multiple blogs in sub folders such as

I have a website, say, where I would like to have a few blogs owned by a few people (it isn’t a blog creating site for end users though). For this, I am going to create a sub domain and let each user have their own folder for the blog, something like […]

Please suggest me some plugins in WordPress networking

Hey guys i’m creating a site network using WordPress. Lets say my site name is and lets say i have 10 subdomains like, Now i want something like this. There will be no articles in my main domain. But i want list all subdomain’s articles in my main domain. When they click read […]

why i cannot see some plugins while they are enabled on network admin page?

i am using WPMU 3.3.1, i have some plugins enabled but why i cannot see them in some wordpress panel, it is confusing, but these plugins may take effect to these blogs, it is really strange to take effect before i enable it … these erroneous plugins include Private Only, WordPress Importer, WP Super Cache […]

Locking one blog of many in a multi user/blog WordPress installation

I have a multi user /wordpress installation that is working fine. One of the blogs running on that multi user /wordpress installation will never be updated again but I want it there for historic reasons. Is it possible to make one blog read-only even though it is on a multi user /wordpress installation and sharing […]

How do I check if the user is a site owner in a network?

I was accidentally using is_admin() to check if a user was an admin and found out that function is not checking that. So I looked for another one and I found is_super_admin() but that checks if you are a admin of a network of sites or owner of a single WordPress install. I have a […]

What is the function to check network admin?

I know there is a function to check normal admin area. Its is_admin() Is there any other function available to chevk network admin something like is_network_admin() ? Thanks

WordPress network: set themes and plugins for new blog

How can I enable specific themes and plugins for new blogs that have been created with wpmu_create_blog? I’d like to set the themes and plugins in code rather than having a person manually set them in the network administration section (i.e. not in http://domain/wp-admin/network/site-themes.php?id=xx). Thanks! Update: Actually I think I may have figured part of […]

What is the new Network Admin section?

Previously, in WordPress 3.0, multisites were managed through a Super-Admin section of the administration interface. The 3.1 update seems to have moved the administration of multisites to a new “Network Admin” section, which has a similar layout to the standard WP administration panels, but only contains options related to network administration. This section, however, seems […]

Multisite network admin – URL / redirect error

I followed this guide on how to set up a WordPress installation that is optimized for git deployment. Basically, WordPress is moved into a subfolder called wordpress, index.php and wp-config.php are moved out of the subfolder, as well as wp-content. To make that work, the path to wp-blog-header.php is adjusted, as well as the path […]

in network setup super admin has the tinyMCE buttons and the regular admin has not

in mine network setup, the super admin has the ability to see the tinyMCE editing buttons in the option page, but when i switch to a regular adimin, i can see only the HTML editing buttons (the “rich text”). what can be the reason for that? i can find any thing in the functions.php that […]