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Is it possible to install two mail plugins together in a single WordPress site? How to do it?

I am working for a site currently having MailPoet to send all the newsletters. We have around 800 subscribers and everything is configured properly and working fine. Now, we got around 5000 emails for a new mailing list required only for a specific event that we are hosting. Mails need to be sent to these […]

Subscribe from another website to the same list

I am using Email Subscribers and newsletters 1.0 plugin in wordpress 4.7.2 I created a daughter website and wanted to subscribe to the same subscribe list. How will this be done? I could not find something similar to a mailchimp action url which I can enter anywhere.

How to alert users when new posts appear under search query?

I have been hunting the web for days for this feature, and I am kind of surprised it’s so hard to find / nobody really talks about it! I have a WordPress site with a custom post type that can be pulled by different search attributes. I am looking for a way for users to […]

Storing a password for use with a WordPress plugin

I’m writing my first WordPress plugin which will be a newsletter-type plugin. It’ll continuously add members who fill out a form to a database table that keeps track of the following: cell ID Time MemberName MemberEmail. When I send out the email to the newsletter participants, I want to send it using SMTP. Is there […]

How to bulk send emails

I should send thousands of email in reaction to a specific event, so the email sending is not manual but it’s automatic. The server where is hosted my website has an hourly limit for email sending (about 500 for hour) so I need to partition it. Is there some plugin that has that feature? Or […]

Sending out WP Posts as MailChimp Newsletters

I have the functioning signup MailChimp plugin/widget working great on my customer’s WordPress site. But what I REALLY want to do is send out new posts (from WordPress Dashboard) as the MailChimp designed Newsletters. Is it possible to do this? If so, does it happen in the Dashboard or the MailChimp admin site?