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Generate Email Newsletter HTML from Posts published within a Date Range?

I would like to basically send a newsletter type email to a listy I have using a 3rd party such as MailChimp. My goal though is to be able to find or build a WordPress plugin that will allow me to get all the new Posts that are within 2 date ranges…It will then allow […]

Create and send a newsletter from the front-end

Is there a way that I can allow someone to create and send a newsletter from the front-end, without needing to use the dashboard? The person who will be doing this task does not need to use the dashboard for other purposes. Learning to navigate the dashboard just for this would be confusing.

A plugin for newsletter registration (not sending, just gathering data)?

Most of the plugins I see also send the newsletter, which I don’t need. I need a simple, customizable plugin that helps me get user e-mails, name, and other custom fields, and store it in the database. The plugin must also have an unsubscribe option, of course.

Automatically email daily archive

Is it possible to automatically email the daily archive.php page as an html email newsletter? For example, at 4am every weekday WordPress would send an email of the 2011/04/25/ page. Any input is greatly appreciated!

How can i create a newsletter for my wp blog?

I own a blog and finally wants that my users should be able to get a weekly newsletter on the blog. Basically I am a new user of wordpress and not sure how i can do that. I got some material on internet how can i create a weekly newsletter but all are paid services […]

Load Javascript from Plugin in One Page Only?

I use the ALO EasyMail Newsletter. But the plugin is loading lots of Javascript in the head. I have a mobile site and the scripts are loading in all the pages. I think this affects the mobile performance and want to load it only on the newsletter pages. How can i do that and load […]

Newsletter, mailingList and contact management

I think it’s a good question, and my research don’t come to a FINAL answer, so i turn to you WordPress community. here is the question I have about 300 email that i like to take from entourage to a catalog (contact database) WordPress seem fit to do that. After having a nice interface to […]

What are the pros and cons to a WordPress run newsletter v. third party newsletter?

I am currently building a site that will use newsletters, email notifications for new posts and email notifications for new comments on posts. I keep going back and forth between running this through third party sites and doing it solely through my WordPress website. I should mention, when I say third party, I am including […]

How to make the Newsletter plugin visible to users with author privileges?

I’m using the Newsletter plugin and would like to make it accessible to author users. Is it possible to do so? If there’s no solution for this I’ll edit the editor role to make it a new author role.

Changing page URL and connect newsletter to MailChip

I have a page on WordPress (example: and I want to change it to I tried to fix the page inside Pages and Posts, but it was not there. I also went into my theme’s Custom Options > Customizing > Menus which is where I found the menu item and the page (abc) […]