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Next/Prev posts on same page

Hello WordPress Users, I’m stuck with a problem building my wordpress website and I can’t figure out what to do about it. Currently I’m showing 2 posts form the category ‘News’ at the page ‘News’. At the bottom of this page I want a Prev/Next button that shows the next or previous 2 posts from […]

Loop – how to get previous/next post for first/last post?

I have a simple loop for a JS slider, I want to display previous and next posts titles on my slide, but I can’t get previous post title on the first slide (because apparently first post have no previous posts): $prev_post = $loop->posts[$loop->current_post – 1]; // ALWAYS NULL FOR FIRST POST 🙁 $next_post = $loop->posts[$loop->current_post […]

How to make Next and Previous attached image navigation on the attachment page?

This question already has an answer here: Setting pagination for images attached to a post 1 answer

Get next/previous cousin page

Hey Guys, I’m trying to build pagination links for the next/previous cousin page. For example, my page structure is like this: Top Level A a1 a2 B b1 b2 When I’m on a2, I want the ‘Previous Page’ link to go to a1, but the ‘Next Page’ link to go to b1 (skipping B). I’m […]

Get Next / Prev 3 Posts in Relation to Current Post

I have 7 posts, like this: 1 2 3 4 – this is the current post 5 6 7 As noted, number four is the current post being displayed. I need to create a query that will allow me to display the previous 3 posts (by publication date) and also the three posts after. This […]