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Styling Previous/Next Pages differently from Index

A friend of mine pointed me towards using child elements to style my index page so that I could have one loop and several different visual styles (a featured post, a smaller sub-featured post, and several smaller thumbnails). This is very helpful in that I can add posts and the existing posts will just flow […]

Theme Option not Working Inside a Function

Earlier, I asked this question and received a code which should work. Unfortunately, this code is not working. I’m building a themes option panel and want users to be able to choose between Next/Previous links or pagination in my archives and homepage. The code within functions.php is controlling an options panel drop-down which allows the […]

Add title for previous and next posts to Yoko Theme

Help! I want to change my “Previous” and “Next” post links to use the actual post titles. I have done all kinds of online research and code manipulation without any success. I am using the Yoko theme. Here is my current single.php code. What do I need to update it to be? My website is […]

Posts archive index pagination in a static page custom query

In WordPress, I have a page for News that is using a specific page template I created. This page is populated by news posts assigned to the news category. I need to show only two of the latest news posts on this page with Previous / Next links at the bottom if users want to […]

get_previous_post in same categories

I have a post in two categories, 1 and 2. I want to get the previous post in the two categories, 1 and 2. get_previous_post(true); With that code I’m getting the previous post in category 1 or 2. Any idea?

next and previous year month and day for archive page

is there php code for next and previous year,month,day link in archive page i just need something like that <-previous [year] next-> <-previous [month] next-> <-previous [day] next-> im creating a calendar and need those .

How to show link to next posts in single.php

I can’t get get_next_posts_link to work. shouldn’t his code work? <?php echo get_next_posts_link(); ?> Well, I am trying to get next 5 posts, any idea how? EDIT: Accroding to: <?php next_post_link(‘<strong>%link</strong>’, ‘%title’, TRUE); ?> Should show me a link to next post in the same category, when I do this nothing is shown. And I […]

How to display following posts titles in separate div's on a separate webpage

Intro: I have a webpage that is not part of wordpress. I have incorporated the wp blog posts, by putting The Loop in the page’s code. This works, it displays the current posts and their following posts up to 3, which is what I set in the wp general options. On this, non-wp, webpage, I […]

Next/Prev posts on same page

Hello WordPress Users, I’m stuck with a problem building my wordpress website and I can’t figure out what to do about it. Currently I’m showing 2 posts form the category ‘News’ at the page ‘News’. At the bottom of this page I want a Prev/Next button that shows the next or previous 2 posts from […]

Loop – how to get previous/next post for first/last post?

I have a simple loop for a JS slider, I want to display previous and next posts titles on my slide, but I can’t get previous post title on the first slide (because apparently first post have no previous posts): $prev_post = $loop->posts[$loop->current_post – 1]; // ALWAYS NULL FOR FIRST POST 🙁 $next_post = $loop->posts[$loop->current_post […]