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Get a link to paged(<!–nextpage–>) part?

I want to get a link (like get_permalink($id) ) to it’s specific page of a post (created by <!–nexpage–> tag).. how to achieve this?

“paged” in WP_Query returns 0 posts

If i don’t supply a paged value (get the first page), it works. But when i try to get the next page by doing paged => 2 it doesn’t find anything even though there are plenty of posts to get. That’s the first page showing the first ten posts. It works fine. If you scroll […]

Make Current/Active Page Number a Link (WP_LINK_PAGES)

With the default wp_link_pages the current/active page number is not a link. I would like to find a code/hack which turns the current/active page into a link to the top of the page. I am already using a custom code for wp_link_pages which can be found below: <?php wp_link_pages(array( ‘before’ => ‘<p class=”pagelinks”>’ . __(”), […]

Please help me with <!–next page–> tag and php code

I’m writing a php code because I want to get a list of items from sql database and insert it in a post of my wordpress website. Since the items could be too many for a single post, I would like to change page every five items. So my goal is to add a wordpress […]

Loading <!–nextpage–> post with Ajax

Here’s the case I got: I’ve setup post pagination for my website and everything works well. Except one thing – on every new page request all the resources are loaded again. This makes the website loading slow and breaks the user experience. What I want to do is to load the content of the separate […]

How to use the filter?

How to use the filter, before WordPress converts <!–nextpage–>? The following construction does not work: add_filter ( “the_content”, function( $content ) { $content = preg_replace( “/(\<\!–nextpage–\>)/miu”, htmlspecialchars( $1, ENT_QUOTES, ‘UTF-8’, false ), $content ); return $content; }); Code just for example.

Is it possible to skip certain specified pages when using < prev and next > links?

thanks for taking a minute to read my question. I’ve done some googling and I can’t seem to find the answer to this question anywhere. Forgive me if it’s somewhere here on stack exchange already. I’m using this plugin to allow “< prev” and “next >” links in my set of pages. I can change […]

Show all parts in multipage post

You can do a multipage post by using the <!–nextpage–> inside the post. The question is: How can I display the whole post (not paged) for this post.

Can I use images as anchor tags with <?php previous_post(); ?><?php next_post(); ?>

Rather than displaying the title of the next page, I would like to display a large arrow that can be clicked on. To do this I shall either be using image files, or the tag. Can this be done?

Programmatically inserting page breaks

Is there a way to add a page break in WordPress programmatically? I’m trying to do this within a PHP loop that goes inside a post as a widget, it generates information that it gets from YELP through the YELP API, but I want the loop to create a <!–nextpage–> page break each time it […]