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Allow Users to Choose Pagination or Next/Previous (Combine)

I’m building a themes option panel and want users to be able to choose between Next/Previous links or pagination in my archives and homepage. I need help combining the two functions below (pagination and next previous) to create a function which chooses based on the user’s selection. I figure the function I add to the […]

Are shortcode functions applied while rendering the content, or are they executed and stored with the post content?

I’m not sure if I’ve asked the question properly, apologies for that! What I’m trying to do is, output a <!–nextpage–> tag via a shortcode. But it doesn’t work, I guess because shortcodes are applied when the content is rendered, whereas <!–nextpage–> is resolved into links beforehand. Does anyone know if this can be done? […]

Previous & Next on Index Page broken

So the Next/Previuos on my index page is broken. It goes to page 2 but doesn’t refresh the posts. It will work on my categories and it will work on my posts but it just won’t work on the from page. Here’s my code: <?php get_header();?> <?php include(‘from.php’); ?> <div id=”content”> <div id=”content-main”> <?php if […]

How to get only the URL of nextpage (without <a> tag)

Here is my Function function next_pages( $args = ” ) { $r = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults ); extract( $r, EXTR_SKIP ); global $page, $numpages, $multipage, $more, $pagenow; $output = ”; if ( $multipage ) { if ( $more ) { $output .= $before; $i = $page + 1; if ( $i <= $numpages && $more […]

Shortcode to insert <!–nextpage–>

Since wordpress does not have a menu icon (aka “user friendly) way to add the command to a post or page, I’m trying to create a shortcode to do it. However, as logic would have it, its not that easy. Doing this with a shortcode merely inserts into the markup, which is post process, not […]

Appending content with <!–nextpage–> broken in 4.4

Update 2016-01-21 All current testing on my end is being done on fresh installs of 4.4.1 with the following settings: Plain permalinks Twentysixteen Theme No plugins activated If the post only has 1 page (ie <!–nextpage–> doesn’t appear in the post) then the extra pages are appended successfully (even if you append multiple extra pages¹). […]