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How to set Noindex to all wordpress pages in a catergory?

I have a standard WordPress page category with tag_ID=92 which I want to noindex all posts in this category entirely. Is there a way to do it with actions/hooks in functions.php?

Check If search query contains something?

How to check if search query contain some characters? For example I would like to check if search query contain “/”. I tried this answer but it is not working for me. Just to say I am using custom search base. Example: where “myseachbase” is my custom search base. What I need is way […]

Noindex subscriber author page

I added the possibility to register on my site (with the role of subscriber), however each registration creates an author page for the user, but I do not want these pages to be indexed, only the pages of authors with roles above. Something like the code below, but theres no get_user_role function, so i do […]

how to 301 redirect from a plugin folder

Some how google indexed a directory inside one of the plugins I use. I cannot figure out how to set a 301 redirect from the indexed path to the home page. has anyone else seen or dealt with this? here is what google indexed. I have replace all personal information with generic.

Allow Google crawler to crawl specific Author pages

I have a WordPress website with thousands of registered users. For each user a profile page is created. Most of these pages are low quality because most users do not fill their profile with information, therefore, I don’t want search engines indexing these pages. However, some Author pages are high quality. At the moment I’m […]

Noindex,Nofollow in theme's header.php?

My theme’s header.php file contains this : <?php if (is_search()) { ?><meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow” /><?php } ?> What does that mean ? And does it affect my search rankings?

Blank Pages with # URL & Google

I’m using some blank pages that have a title only and a URL set to ‘#’ for my navigation. (So, that the item appears in the dropdown menu, but when it’s clicked a page doesn’t open). Do I need to make sure that Google doesn’t try to index these pages? I don’t want to be […]

How to noindex for certain custom post type without using plugins..?

Is there a way to create a noindex (meta robot ) for certain custom post type that i have for my wordpress blog..? Thanks

How to noindex nofollow custom post type?

I’ve created a custom post type that displays the individual entries collectively on a page. However, I’ve found that Google is not only indexing the page, but the individual posts as well. I only want the page to be indexed and followed, and not the posts. Is there any way to accomplish this?

Preventing Search Engines Indexing Pages 2, 3 and More?

Do you know how to prevent indexing of pages past the home page in WP? I mean I don’t want, to be indexed. This is because I use home.php for my theme, so that page/2, page/3 are all the same. Please give me a hint or a code snippet please, I don’t want […]