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Menu Item Location

I found code to show a notification bar on menu and customize it a little. It is working and shown on main menu (primary menu) and footer menu (secondary menu) but I want to show it only main menu. How to do that? Here’s what I have: function my_counter_nav_menu( $menu ) { $notif_url = bp_core_get_user_domain( […]

“Remove Update Notification for all users except ADMIN User”

“Remove Update Notification for all users except ADMIN User” I have 2 administrators in my wordpress, but I only want that one of them see the “Update Notification”. I’ve inserted this code on my funtions.php file and change name of one of my adminastrator login name the code – if ($user_login !== “miguel”) – but […]

Tag subscription option in wordpress. How?

I love stackexchange’s tag subscription feature. Now i’m receiving email notifications only for the topics i’m interested in. I would like to have this feature in my wordpress site. Is there any good tag subscription plugin available?. If there is no plugin available why not WA experts create one and submit it in the WPSE […]

Simple plugins to post info about new blog entries?

I am looking for some plugins that would automatically post information about new blog entries (posts) to my facebook/google+ pages. But – simple search through plugins listing shows that such plugins don’t exists, or are rare. Most of the plugins offer content sharing the other way (i.e. display entries from facebook/google+ in your wordpress blog), […]

email wordpress users using BCC

I am currently using the below code to email users when a new post is published, but I need it to BCC all users and not TO all users. Any ideas? function email_members($post_ID) { global $wpdb; $usersarray = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT user_email FROM $wpdb->users;”); $users = implode(“,”, $usersarray); mail($users, “New WordPress recipe online!”, ‘A new recipe have […]

Disable Admin account being emailed for comment notification

I am using the code below to send Comment notification and moderation emails to multiple email addresses for a client site. I have a custom admin panel for this particular site. In my admin panel I have a field that holds a comma separated list of emails that should be notified anytime a comment is […]

admin_notices not displaying in plugin

I know I’m probably doing something dumb here but I just can’t get this to run. I’m trying to set up a little API for my plugin and to create a class to display admin notices a little easier. Here’s what I have: // Send data to class to get HTML for admin notice $efpd=Efpdd::getInstance(); […]

Why is WordPress asking me to update my new (virtually blank) theme?

I have just setup a new custom theme with little/no data and yet WordPress has made an update notice about upgrading it to “1.0.1” and I cannot for the life of my work out why. I have stripped down the theme to the following files: I have a blank index.php and style.css: /* Theme Name: […]

How can an author be subscribed to the posts of another author and receive notifications of the new posts?

What I’m trying to achieve is to implement a function that will enable an author, when registered and browsing the front-end, to have the option of following other authors of the site and receiving notifications via a front end message when the followed authors post. Is this something that can be achieved with WordPress?

PGP-Encrypt system-generated notifications

I was wondering if there is a way to get WordPress to encrypt notification mails (“Please moderate …” and so on) using PGP. I have found a bunch of plugins providing PGP-encrypted eMail forms, but that’s not what I was looking for, as I want the system mails to be encrypted, not the user mails. […]