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Is there a way to follow a WordPress site by email alerts for new posts?

It seems that there’s no way for me to get an email alert for new content posted on a particular WordPress site I follow. And strangely I haven’t been able to find any information about it around. I’d think this is a very important feature. I can’t expect to check the site every day so […]

Individual Comment Notification Setting For Post Author

Is there a way (Either plugin or custom function), to let every author individually choose, if he/she want’s to receive comment notification for his/her posts? Some of my autors need to receive those messages, others consider them as spam.

send new post notification to an email address stored in a custom field value

I need to send the WordPress new post notification to an email address stored in a custom field value. I know how to get other meta data from the db using get_the_author_meta. What I do not know is where the changes have to be done in WordPress send mail trigger.

New Post Notifications for Users – BUDDYPRESS

I am using beneath code im buddypress to show notification of the latest posts posted by users. The problem is that when a post is posted then only the person who posts the post receive the notification and the other users don’t receive. I want to fix this error. Thanks and regards, Ahmad

How do I troubleshoot registration/password email errors?

I moved the blog I was working on from my development server (on DreamHost) to the client’s server (some local host which they are unwilling to switch from). Everything seems to be working perfectly, except that users are not receiving their new user confirmation emails, or their lost password emails. I have Contact Form 7 […]

Don't send notification if author comments his own post plugin help?

is there any way to set an IF statement, that If the author of the post commented or replied on his own post that the wp notification is not sent to him, only if a different user comments he would recieve the notification?. I am using the Notify on comment plugin. <?php /* Plugin Name: […]

Is it possible to not receive email notifications for comments?

I created several blogs. Two are sites I maintain but others are sites I created for other people and I retain administration access to them just in case they need me to go and fix some page, but I don’t want to receive notifications every time they have a new comment waiting for moderation. Is […]

Notification to Admin or Author upon new post

This question already has an answer here: Execute function when post is published 1 answer

comment_notification_text filter for custom post type

Is there a way to add the comment_notification_text filter to a custom post type? I’m trying to send a custom email when a comment is left on a custom post type I am currently using this filter: add_filter( ‘comment_notification_headers’, ‘set_mail_html_content_type’, 10, 2 ); UPDATE WITH COMMENT_POST HOOK function notify_postauthor_comment($comment_id) { $comment = get_comment( $comment_id ); […]

What is the most efficient way of implementing a notification system?

I am about to start implementing a notification system for my site and would like to know what performance measures I need to take into account before developing it. I need to make this for a large amount of users (hundreds of thousands) so I need to be very careful with each step I make. […]