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Authenticated request to WP REST API V2 returning 403 error on /users/me

I am using WP REST API Version 2.0-beta7 together with WP OAuth Server version 3.1.91 After authenticating with the User Credentials grant type, a request to /wp-json/wp/v2/users?access_token=[ACCESS_TOKEN] returns data about all users, including their capabilities. This is private data so the access_token obtained during the authenciation flow is valid. However, using the same access_token and […]

WP-API: how do I allow authenticated clients only?

I set up an OAuth client for WP-API following the instructions for WP-API/OAuth1 on github. I was disappointed to realise afterwards that all of the site’s content remains available over the API, including all sorts of not-really-public metadata like user registration dates. I don’t want this. How do I restrict the JSON API to allow […]

Implement authentication to an organization oAuth server

Sorry if some parts of this question seems obvious, i’m newbie at WordPress and this is the first time i tap into oAuth workflow manually (without using a social login plugin) There is this oAuth2 server that provides central authorization for all sites/apps of organization (Lets call it X-Org). What i want to do is […]

Create a php callback/endpoint for an OAuth script

I am attempting an OAuth call to a 3rd party service but having issues with my callback script. I have a file oauth.php that is within my plugin directory. First question, do I need to go to the url of this script? For example do I need my login button to link to Or […]

How to allow users login to WP from external domain and make REST requests

Basically what i want to do is: Use WordPress as a login system and data storage for web-application on another domain. Make users able to register and perform REST calls from the application. Let users manage their accounts and post contents without using wp-admin at all. For REST Api i found a really nice plugin: […]

How do I use the WP REST API plugin and the OAuth Server plugin to allow for registration and login?

Are there any example projects that do the same? I want to be able to login and register for accounts on my site via the API.

Override WordPress user with Oauth2 account

I am trying to set up WordPress as an OAuth2 client. All of our users are stored in our proprietary CMS which is an OAuth provider. We have very little (to no) users in our WordPress database, primarily just administrators. Ideally, I do not want to store user data in the WordPress database because I […]