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turn single domain off

I am running WordPress 3.3.2 with multi site in sub-domain mode. I want to add a new sub-domain but have it be “offline” until I finish working on it. Is there an easy way to do this? I know that if its a single site i can just add an if in the header file […]

One Site as a part of Multisite to be hidden (Un-published) from Public?

Lets say i have some sub-domains under one single Multi-site: <—- hide from public access (Protected) How do i HIDE the one site only, from the public access. (or) Put the site as something like Unpublished (or) dark site? ** HIDE means prevent the “Public” users to see the site. (or) Something […]

How can I view my readme.txt file to include inline images, videos…prior to submitting a New Plugin for review by

I am a newbie and am likely asking for too much but here it is, I have written my first plugin and created a readme.txt file and tested it with the validator and it passes with flying colors. I have read the posted question Adding Image in readme.txt file of wordpress plugin and it does […]

What program can I use to preview my wordpress site?

Apologies if this is the wrong site to be asking this, but I just downloaded a template for a website that I want to customise. On my Mac I have a program called Espresso which allows me to ‘preview’ any website that contains any mix of client-side and server-side files. Is there an equivalent on […]

Precaching WordPress posts with a ServiceWorker

I’ve been using the Offline Content plugin by Mozilla to implement offline functionality for my site and I’ve been mostly happy, but it’s options for precaching online includes Pages. My most important content, my guides, are in Posts. The Mozilla plugin seems abandoned so I figured I’d make a modified version of it for my […]

Offline WordPress Application

I have to Document some Work and i thought to use WP as a platform to work with others. We have articles, pictures in different categoried and could use the tag function. A Search function is practicle but not neccecary. So for a website documentation as a wiki it would be a wonderful tool. Is […]

How deactivate the http-api

give it an tipp or solution for deactivate the method request() in class WP_Http_Streams? I use WordPress also on offline-servers and have wp_debug true for development and tests. But i have many warnings from functions to use the http-class; as example the functions to read the feeds in dashboard. Current i have deactivate all hooks […]

Writing a cache manifest file for a WordPress blog (app cache, offline web applications)

I’m wondering if anyone has implemented Offline Web Applications from HTML5 in a WordPress blog? When you write a manifest file, all files must be accounted for, thought you can specify the wildcard * in the NETWORK section. So, given how MANY files and dirs makeup a typical WordPress install, does anyone have guidance on […]

Is it feasible to build and update a WordPress website offline?

It appears that WordPress is designed to have websites constructed and maintained online – in the live website. I see some posts here that indicate some people are doing such development offline – in Localhost. But the effort to move a website online – especially for updates – appears to be complex, somewhat manual, and […]

Is there a maintenance mode in WordPress core?

If I want to put a WordPress (3.2.1) site into Maintenance mode, is it still necessary to use a plugin? If so, is this a good option?