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Problems with Open Graph

I am ready to pull the remaining hair out of my darn head. Can’t for the life of me figure out why Facebook will not pull the featured image, or even an image from inside the post, when I share via publicize from WordPress 4.0. I have checked and un-checked ‘insert og tags’ in Yoast […]

Why I can't modified jetpack default blank.jpg on og:image?

I would like to change jetpack default blank.jpg atribute on og:image. I readed some artcile in this subject, but not realy helped me. Here some trys: /** * Override the default OpenGraph tags */ add_filter( ‘jetpack_open_graph_tags’, function( $tags ) { $tags[‘twitter:site’] = ‘@ourhandle’; $tags[‘twitter:creator’] = ‘@ourhandle’; $tags[‘og:site_name’] = ‘Our Site Name’; // the og:image key […]

Facebook Does Not Grab Correct og:Image

I have a small bit of code which creates the OpenGraph tags for each post. It seems to work OK, but the actual Featured image is not grabbed by Facebook when I copy the URL into a new FB post. Or rather, the -default- image is grabbed, but not the Featured image. But then if […]

Using GraphQL Plugin with Pods Framework

So, I started to experiment with a GraphQL plugin for WP, and was wondering how it’d work with Pods. I came across a question on that plugin’s GitHub that’s pretty much the same thought I had. The maintainers supplied an answer: Each Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy you want to add to the Schema […]

WordPress Facebook Open Graph plugin not working for 1 specific image

I have a really weird issue. I use the Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags plugin to create open graph tags for my wordpress pages. Normally this works smoothly. It takes the first image of a page and uses it as the og:image tag. Example page: The created tag (see HTML code […]

Website Preview Graphic for WordPress Site

No idea how to ask this… so I’ll give it my best. I have a WordPress site, self hosted. When I post a link to a post on Facebook, Facebook tries to detect a preview graphic to show along with the post (see screenshot) For whatever reason, Facebook always picks up the Stumbleupon share button […]

Correctly implementing the Facebook Like button

As per documentation I satisfied all the requirements of the like button by using the meta-tags, however I still don’t get the image I would like linked by Facebook: it always goes fishing for another image in the sidebar. Now, of course I could solve this by being explicit about which image I really want […]

Integrate open graph protocol without plugin?

What is the right way to put in Open Graph Protocol into a wp theme in order to when someone likes or shares on facebook to show hihm as thumbnail the featured image of the post or the page? Which is the metadata that need to be written in the header.php or function.php?

Open Graph in posts loop page

I have a loop where all the posts have their own like button, when i click it the facebook window appears but it does not show the right post thumbnail. I think this is normal because in a posts loop the thumbnails are multiple so the script can not figure which one goes where – […]

Facebook social publisher and custom post type fields

I have a problem with how Facebook plugin shows my WordPress-based posts on my timeline. What basically happens is that the post image isn’t shown. Now, the post image I want to show is a custom field of a custom post type, and this is probably what’s causing the problem to the Facebook plugin. On […]