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Is there a social members only login plugin for WordPress?

I’m totally new at WordPress and I’m setting up a site where I want members-only pages. But I also want my members to be able to login with there social network logins (Facebook, Twitter, OpenId, etc). If possible, I would also want to allow non-members to comment on public posts, but not view (and so […]

How can I secure a WordPress blog using OpenID from a single provider?

We’re about to launch an internal blog for the company I work at. Much of the blog will be available to the public, but certain posts will be for employees only. Our intranet/extranet has an OpenID endpoint which we would like to use to secure the private blog posts. There are many benefits to this […]

Advice for implementing single sign-on?

Our organization is using Google Apps (standard edition) and we’ve just implemented a WP site. I’d love any input on anyone who’s used implemented Google Apps (in the last month or so) as the service for OpenID. I tried the Janrain plug-in but am a little lost on what needs to be done outside of […]

OpenID for WordPress 3.x?

Possible Duplicate: How to implement a customizable free OpenID authentication? Is there any WordPress plugin that provides OpenID authentication for comments that works in WordPress 3.0? The OpenID plugin appears to be broken in WP 3.0 and no longer in active development (10 months since last update).

A plugin where users can comment with Facebook or Twitter or OpenID

Is there any plugin where users can comment with Facebook or Twitter or OpenID…

Login with OpenID, similar to Stack Exchange sites?

Basically, I would like to add something like this into my WordPress site (which obviously will also give the user an option to sign up for an account using WordPress’ default sign up system): Is there any plugin or tutorial that may be helpful to accomplish this?

Google Apps login in wordpress

I manage a google apps domain with plenty of users; I would like to join Google apps with a WordPress based intranet app we’re creating. Which level of integration could I expect to achieve? Our hope is to create users in wordpress using their google apps email and let them login using their google apps […]

How to implement a customizable free OpenID authentication?

OpenID is a standard commonly used nowadays. I am trying to implement OpenID on my blog, but I have many difficulties. I tried OpenID plugin but it seems to be incompatible with WordPress 3.0. I tried also Janrain plugin but the free version is too limited. I would like to integrate the login screen into […]