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Sort/list/arrange comments by comment author in un-nested/no thread comments

I’ve looked far and wide and found nothing about this. I’m wondering if it’s possible to sort/arrange all the front end comments, in an un-nested comment by comment author?

How to quickly reorder posts in the admin panel that will persist for the wp-api

I generally use the Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin for any WordPress sites I work with so clients can order their posts visually. For this project, I’m using WordPress as an admin panel and consuming it’s data with an Ember.js front-end. (using wp-api V.2) The re-ordered order doesn’t show in the JSON and I’m guessing […]

Order WP_Query by multiple fields, subtracting them from one another

I have two custom fields for each post, vote_up and vote_down. I know how to order by one of them, but I’m wondering how I can get the totals of both, subtract vote_down from vote_up and then display them according to the result of that calculation. Ideas?

Sorting posts DESC based on the number of comments using WP_Query

I have this unusual requirement from my client that I need to accommodate. They want to be able to view the posts with the largest number of comments first. At first I thought using a custom select query would do the trick. I had to write a subquery to but was able to use a […]

Ordering system through WordPress

I don’t use WordPress much, but I was wondering if anyone knew whether this would be possible in WP. Basically I want an online ordering system, so just like a normal cart where you can put things in your basket etc, except, instead of paying for it you just place an order and it generates […]

How do I sort posts with multiple pages

I am using a drop-down to sort posts by title, meta_value, etc. However, the sorting feature only works on the first page. The second page displays the default order rather than continuing the order from page 1. I am using wp-pagenavi for pagination. Any ideas what would be causing this error? Here’s a link to […]

wordpress change the loop order by dynamic value

At the moment i have a custom field named “price” to order my posts correctly. The following already works: $query_args[‘meta_key’] = ‘price’; $query_args[‘orderby’] = ‘meta_value_num’; $query_args[‘order’] = ‘asc’; The problem is that this is a “recommended” price, the real price needs to be calculated inside the loop. The question is to know if there is […]

Best Plugin to Reorder Post Types

I’m looking for a plugin that enables me to reorder pages, posts and custom post types from the normal listing in the WordPress dashboard. The closest plugin I’ve found is Simple Page Ordering however this plugin does not allow post ordering, and also does not easily allow building hierarchies. So I’m looking for a […]

Author list 'special' author first then 'normal' author

Currently I’m trying to create a author list with all authors but on top some ‘special’ authors. The ‘special’ authors should result first and shouldn’t be available in the list with normal authors. The ‘special’ authors have in usermeta a meta key called ‘werksortgodmodus’ with meta value ‘yes’. The ‘rest’ of the authors have ‘werksortgodmodus’ […]

the_tags() : display the tags by the order they are typed in in the backend, not alphabetically

I’m using WordPress’ the_tags() to display the tags of each post on a single side. What I intend to do is to display the tags by the order they are typed in in the backend, and not by alphabetical order. The WordPress codex doesn’t seem to have an argument to sort the_tags() and the output […]