Articles of outside wordpress and WordPress

I´m trying to do an simple WordPress-App for my Homepage. I started using, which is actually a good environment for a non-programmer. But I wonder if anybody has experiences in hooking up a WordPress Site to an App by Appery? Where would I start? What my basic needs are: 1) Read the Articles 2) […]

How to determine if an admin is logged in outside the loop

I need to be able to tell if an admin is logged in ouside of the loop. This is needed for some php files that are part of a WP site but do not use require( ‘../wp-load.php ); What I need to do is keep the Google Analytics tracker JS from firing for logged in […]

Problem with using wp-load.php outside of WordPress

I’m trying to use wp-load.php in a page outside of wordpress so I can access all the functions in wordpress. Typically I just include the file like this require( $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/blog/wp-load.php’ ); But it doesn’t seem to be working. Any tips on what can be going on? Thanks, Paul

Dynamic iCal generator outside/inside wordpress

So following on from this post: I was wondering how exactly it would work integrating it into WordPress. I have a custom post type setup, and so far I have tried both linking to a “ical.php” with the above link code (and changing the title into the_title() and the dates into GMT versions of […]

Showing content from another wordpress installation database in the page template loop?

I am just wondering if it is possible to show just the page content of another wordpress database on wordpress pages with the same pageID within the content loop in my page template. To be more specific, I want to show the content of one separate wordpress database in another wordpress installation without duplicating it. […]

Displaying content from one WP site on separate WP site

I have two totally separate WP websites setup. Different domains, different databases. I manage both of them and they are both hosted on a dedicated server. I am trying to include some basic content that requires just a tad more than an RSS feed. I need to pull data from SITE-1 and display it on […]