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WordPress 3.2 – removed ability to select a page template in the page attributes when adding a new page?

Maybe it’s just the site I’m running but has the 3.2 update removed the ability to select a page template in the page attributes when adding a new page? It’s kinda essential unless anyone knows a way around it?

Set template for custom post type?

Is there a way to add the template selection dropdown to the custom post type? Perhaps under Page Attributes?

How can I limit page parent dropdown to show only author's own pages?

I’m trying to get the page parent dropdown (in page attributes) to show only pages that have been published by the author of the current page. This doesn’t seem to work : add_filter( ‘page_attributes_dropdown_pages_args’, ‘mwm_show_only_author_pages_in_attributes’ ); add_filter( ‘quick_edit_dropdown_pages_args’, ‘mwm_show_only_author_pages_in_attributes’ ); function mwm_show_only_author_pages_in_attributes( $args ) { global $post; $args[‘author’] = $post -> post_author; return $args; } […]

Programatically added attribute, set to 'show on product page' automatically. Woocommerce

Ive written a script to import products to a new install of Woocommerce. The products have attributes set up in the admin. This bit of code adds the attributes on import. update_post_meta($product_id, ‘common_name’, $product[‘common_name’]); wp_set_object_terms($product_id, $product[‘flowering_period’], ‘pa_flowering’); wp_set_object_terms($product_id, $product[‘native_plant’], ‘pa_native’); However when I look at the product attribute in admin, the tick box for ‘show […]

Add a custom meta box for client to order CPT posts how they want

Im looking for a way to add a custom meta box to a custom post type that will allow the user/client order the posts to show up how they want on the site. Is this possible? Basically using a very similar functionality to “page attributes“…

Put an extra check box on “Page Attributes” widget

that will add lang=”ur” attribute in page’s main <body> tag. How I can do that? I try different plugin including polylang, but look not working. Please suggest plugin if you know or do some simple coding.

Edit Parent page drop menu when creating a page

Please can someone tell me how to remove all items from the ‘Parent’ drop down when creating a page apart from a few items? (Loop through and remove all that are the ones I want).

Change Order of Admin Posts Depending on Meta

In my Admin Panel I have a custom post type of posts – with page attributes to define order. Is there “easy” way of changing how the admin panel pulls posts so I can reorder them? Page Attributes define order and parents. My Custom Post Type isn’t a page but it still supports Page Attributes […]

How to use Custom Page Templates for hierarchical Custom Post Type

I added custom post type to my website. function any_posttype() { register_post_type( ‘any’, array( ‘labels’ => array( ‘name’ => __( ‘Any’ ), ‘singular_name’ => __( ‘Any’ ), ‘all_items’ => __( ‘ All Blocks’ ), ‘add_new’ => __( ‘Add New Block’ ), ‘add_new_item’ => __( ‘Add New Block’ ), ‘edit_item’ => __( ‘Edit Block’ ), ‘new_item’ […]

How to remove the Template drop down, but keep Parent and Order

I am about to turn a custom WordPress site over to a client and do not want them to be able to choose/edit Templates, but need to allow them to sort the pages with Order and choose a Parent page. Is there a way to only remove the Template drop down from the Page Attributes […]