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Add page title as a javacript variable to specific posts

I’m very new to WordPress and I’m sorry if this question may sound ridiculous. I need a way to add the post title into it’s content, only in specific posts, and not always at the same place in the content. I’ve done some research, but all I find is about changing functions in .php files […]

Hide the Private prefix on one specific page

Trying to conditionally hide the “private” prefix in front of the page title on one specific page named ‘members’ only. I used this code in functions.php to hide the prefix on all pages. function title_format($content) { return ‘%s’; } add_filter(‘private_title_format’, ‘title_format’); add_filter(‘protected_title_format’, ‘title_format’); Tried to hook into this with the if is_page ( ‘members’ ) […]

Loading Scripts on Specific Pages

In child theme I created a functions.php file that loads scripts and style files, the code is below. The section that loads libraries and scripts to all pages other than admin, in other words the first two functions, works as expected. However, the third function, which is designed to load a script for a specific […]

Can I create a page template, use it once, then hide/remove the option to use it again?

I am working on a WP theme/project that includes several custom page templates that will only be used once each. For example, there is a page with a map and search form for finding things on the map. Clearly the map page needs a unique page template, but that template will never be used for […]

Is there a way to force ssl on certain pages

I want to force a secure connection on some of my pages (ones with forms), but I don’t want the whole site to work with ssl (slows it down) Is there a way to configure specific pages to require ssl?