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create a template page for a post

i am new in wordpress and i am sorry for my english. May be my title is wrong. sorry for that. My question is like that. I have too many custom post types. I need some pages for a specific custom post type. For example: I have musics, books and movies. I want to create […]

Wondering what these multi-colored extra pages are?

I’ve recently taken over managing the WordPress site for my non-profit. The person who set it up before me has a lot of plug-ins installed and widgets set up. Additionally, there are these 5 multi-colored “pages” that are outside of the normal Pages area. It’s very confusing because half the website pages are under ‘Pages’ […]

WordPress pages with hierarchy

Is there a way of creating page hierarchy in WordPress? What I want to do is to organise my pages (not posts) into like-groups as in: In the sitemap snippet above, both contact and opening-hours fall under about as like-group. How can I effectively group my pages as described above?

How to incorporate Documentation into wordpress?

I am building a site, and I would like to have my documentation built into the site. For example if I use JSDoc to generate documentation for javascript, I get the auto generated files, I can just change the template to only output the content. I would like to generate WordPress pages for these automatically. […]

Remove child products from woocommerce category page

I have a taxonomy template that display products from both parent and child terms, how can I show only the products belonging to the parent terms? I’m trying to modify somehow this part of code: <?php woocommerce_product_subcategories(); ?> <?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?> <?php wc_get_template_part( ‘content’, ‘product’ ); ?> <?php endwhile; // […]

Is it possible for a plugin to register a page template file?

Is there a way for a plugin to house page template files and have them available after plugin activation? E.g, I have a plugin that requires specific page page templates to be used, so I’d like them to be available in the Page Attributes meta box in the Editor. But in an attempt to keep […]

WordPress Page Id

I have a client (same for my previous post about the slider) who believes that the url structure needs to include a “google page id” to be compliant with google news. Therefore, they want the url structure set up like: . I think they want just a unique 3+ number id associated with every […]

Single post as homepage?

I’m wanting to set a single post as my homepage. I have a photographer’s site. There are a few galleries (weddings, portraits etc). Each gallery is a wordpress post with attached images. The post itself has no content apart from the attached images and I then use the wordpress shortcode to display the attachments in […]

How can I split long posts into pages?

I want to make one long post, but have it paginate. I read that you could add this: <!–nextpage–>, but all it did was hide the content under the tag. Is there a plugin that helps do this? Is it possible that my theme may not allow this?

using jQuery Cycle by Malsup with WordPress Page and Gallery

I would like to modify a WP Gallery to use the jquery cycle plugin by malsup. I know this is possible but would like to know best practice for this, if anything just pulling out the url for each image should give me enough to work with. Please advise on best practice for this. Note […]