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Best approach to serve static content within a regular page

I am developing a wordpress plugin which is supposed to display static forms to the front end users. These forms will be protected by another plugin managing user logins/registrations on page level. My content should therefore be managed within a regular wordpress page. My content will then be the only thing displayed in the content […]

How to create page that lists tags by initial letter?

I want to create a page that lists tags that begin with a specific letter. So for example I want a page that lists all tags that begin with the letter ‘A’. This is the code I got so far <?php $args = array(‘name__like’ => “a”, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’); $terms = get_terms(‘post_tag’, $args); if ( […]

url Custom post type with relationship field break permalink page

I have spent a lot of time searching these last days but do not find anything to solve this problem. I have a page “About” with a associated template file, which always redirect to homepage when I try to access it. (url: mysite/about/ and is show the home not the template file). i setup 2 […]

New page with variable content with variable rewrite?

i want to create pages based on my categories. The content of the pages are always the same except one word. [display-frm-data id=1826 filter=0 category=”MYCATNAME”] MYCATNAME should always be the category-name. The pagename should also be the Category-Name and the rewrite/slug in the url should be The post should be the parent page, it […]

Multiple calling javascript from shortcode in one page

I’m preparing plugin and I have trouble to call (and return) javascript from each (same) shortcode in one wp page/post. Javascript returns values only to last shortcode in page. PHP code here: add_shortcode( ‘ada_chart’, ‘ada_chart_stranka’ ); function ada_chart_stranka ($atts) { $a = shortcode_atts( array( ‘cid’ => ”, ), $atts ); $cislo_chart = $a[‘cid’]; wp_register_script( ‘ada_chart_handle’, […]

Modify front page content

I’m very new to wordpress. I downloaded a nice free theme (pixova) with a static front page, and now, I want to put my own content (Instead of the presentation content of the theme) But when I try to edit the home page, there is only “Hello” in the field. Nothing like html etc… And […]

Group / Sort / Label “Pages”

I’m looking to group pages by type. For example I have a series of landing pages I use for advertising and I’d like to be able to group those together to sort through / find / copy easily. I have a set of core site pages that I almost never want to touch that I’d […]

How to Display Custom Meta Box only on Specific Page Template

I have generated a custom meta box using (, how can i display this meta box on a specific page? e.g. page-about.php function history_box_get_meta( $value ) { global $post; $field = get_post_meta( $post->ID, $value, true ); if ( ! empty( $field ) ) { return is_array( $field ) ? stripslashes_deep( $field ) : stripslashes( wp_kses_decode_entities( […]

How to delete draft pages without affecting published page

I have a page which is published and shows on the site, I also have a draft version saved I would like to delete the draft without affecting the published page. I noticed that the published page is not show in the published list? The draft page shows in the draft list and All pages. […]

How do I make it so that new posts within a certain category go into a certain page?

Is this even possible? If I make a post and put it into the “Fashion” category, I want it to go into the “Fashion” page that I made. How do I do this? I’m a bit hesitant to ask because I see that it’s possible to select multiple categories when making a post…