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Page templates in subdirectories and auto generator

This might be a shoot in the dark but here goes… I know that starting with wp 3.4 i can put page template aka page-template.php in sub folders. (ref: Page templates in subdirectories) which is great and helps me to make a lot of order in an over-crowded custom theme folder. this works – however: […]

Annoying notification when trying to create a new page

Whenever I try tomake a new page, I get an annoying block asking me so upgrade some plugin of some sort. Is there a way to get rid of this extremely annoying notification?

How to detect if is_404() or is_page() or etc…?

is there any way, to output, like this: echo $current_type; and it gave me: is_404() or is_page() or whatever it is_blabla()

redirect index.html inside folder to wordpress page of same name

i have a wp page called i have a subdirectory on my ftp called with a bunch of files and other subdirectories inside. when i go to i want it to show the wp page, but it keeps serving me the contents of (the subfolder and wp page have the same […]

Display pages in alphabetical order

I think I am missing something in my functions.php because my pages in the admin are displayed randomly. How can you display the pages in admin alphabetically? Thanks!

Add posts of a certain category to a page

I have posts with a certain category(Blog Posts) and I would like to add these to a certain page(Blog). What can I do to add my category to a certain page? I really appreciate your help!

Would a “hub” page work better as a page or a post?

First of all, I don’t know whether “hub” is the correct terminology, but it is how we’ve been describing it. I run a movie blog and would like to create a page for each movie we cover in depth. I want it to be more than just a tage archive, so I’m wondering how to […]

Change Author Name to Sitename on Frontend

How can I change the author name on the frontend to be the sitename instead without modifying theme? I am basically looking for something that I can package as plugin on my site that will no longer show the authors name whatsoever on the posts or pages on the frontend.

How to Change the path of a child page?

I am displaying the list of child pages of the current page. but at one child page i want to give a path to pdf. how can it be possible? Please help. Here is my code: $args = array( ‘child_of’ => get_the_ID(), ‘date_format’ => get_option(‘date_format’), ‘depth’ => 0, ‘sort_column’ => ‘ID’, ‘sort_order’ => ‘ASC’, ‘title_li’ […]

Set a variable to using in redirected page

I need to set a global variable that will be used in the page set on wp_redirect global $open; $open = FALSE; function open_menu($user_login) { global $open; $open = TRUE; wp_redirect(home_url()); exit; } add_action(‘wp_login’, ‘open_menu’); After redirect, I’m using the variable to open dropdown menu: <div class=”dropdown login-dropdown<?php global $open; if($open == TRUE){echo ” open”;} […]