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paginate_links() Change the order of links

While using paginate_links() function of WordPress, i need to change the order in which it echo’s its output. For example, by default it will output pagination links in this format: Default Output: <<PREV 1 2 3 NEXT>> But i need its output in following format: Required Output: 1 2 3 <<PREV NEXT>> Now, the question […]

In Custom page – next_posts_link Not working while previous_posts_link is working

I have a custom template which has a custom query. I am using this template to create a page (Not a front page) from wordpress. Since the page has multiple posts, I want to put a navigation….. I did look at the multiple forums and posts which explains the problem with naviagations links not showing […]

Custom admin page pagination permissions error

I have a custom page pulling in users and I’m using some pagination. It works fine if I look at the page on the front end of the site but when I look at the site within the admin area within a basic plugin I’ve made, it doesn’t work and I get a permissions error […]

Later blog post pages give 404 error

The later blog pages give a 404 error. For example page 7 works fine: Page 8 gives you a 404 error: Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Using Pagination for Custom Post Type and keeps returning 404

I’m able to return the correct page numbers (1 post per page) but the paginated links keep returning a 404 page. Here’s the function I’m calling for the pagination: //Pagination for Custom Taxonomy Terms function custom_page_navi( $totalpages, $page, $end_size, $mid_size ) { $bignum = 999999999; if ( $totalpages <= 1 || $page > $totalpages ) […]

Pagination doesn't function properly for archive of a custom post type set as the front page

I created a similar question about an hour ago but since then I feel that I’ve changed things enough so that if someone viewed it for the first time, it’d just be a confusing mess. So I am opening up a new question that is a bit more clear and relevant to my issue. Basically, […]

paginate_links() outputs extra empty pages on custom loop

I have a custom loop: $paged = (get_query_var(‘paged’)) ? get_query_var(‘paged’) : 1; $works = new WP_Query(‘category_name=work&posts_per_page=9&paged=’ . $paged); Pagination outputs 3 pages, on first there are 9 posts, which is also total number of posts, and on pages 2 and 3 there are no posts (there should be no pages if there are no posts […]

Limiting number of visible links displayed with wp_link_pages

I need to extend the wp_link_page function to only show a max of 5 links at a time. What is the best approach to limit the number of links? In the end i’d like it to look like this: Previous 1 2 3 4 5 … Next I’ve already used this solution to generate the […]

Using Ajax in the prev_posts_link and next_posts_link

I am using the add_filter() function in my functions.php file, to give my prev_posts_link and next_posts_link individual classes. The following code successfully loads the individual classes, prev_button and next_button. add_filter(‘next_posts_link_attributes’, ‘posts_link_attributes_1’); add_filter(‘previous_posts_link_attributes’, ‘posts_link_attributes_2’); function posts_link_attributes_1() { return ‘class=”prev_button” onclick=”javascript:ajax_loadContent(\’box-right\’,’ . next_posts_link() . ‘”);return false”‘; } function posts_link_attributes_2() { return ‘class=”next_button” onclick=”javascript:ajax_loadContent(\’box-right\’,’ . previous_posts_link() . ‘”);return […]

Edit format of Paginate_Links()

I’m using paginate_links to paginate the results of a loop. I want to style the pagination using dots instead of numbers, but I’m not sure how to go about doing this. I could try to play around with the css but I would prefer a clean method. example. <- o o o -> currently. <- […]