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Multisite default theme and child applied to network

I have an existing WP Multisite network. I want to simplify the maintenance of the themes. I’d like all subsites to have the same parent and child theme applied across the network.I saw several posts on WP_DEFAULT_THEME in the wp-config.php file but am unclear what the code would look like when applying both the parent […]

WordPress + Child Theme = Am I missing something?

I have an issue that has me scratching my head and if I scratch anymore I’m gonna go bald. I have looked all over for a solution but have not found anything so I thought I’d stop by and see if maybe any of you experts out there can assist. I created a theme called […]

Removing parent theme CSS without editing parent theme

I am currently developing a child theme that builds on twentyfifteen as a parent theme. However a potential issue has cropped up that is causing a problem. I want to strip the CSS and JS assets from the parent theme twentyfifteen, but these are loaded from the theme’s functions.php file with wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_script, I […]

Free theme and css/bootstrap.css is not overridden in the child theme

Why is wordpress still using the bootstrap.css from the parent theme, whenI have a child theme which (successfuly for other things) inherits the parent theme? I have the bootstrap.css settled in the child theme inside the same directory css/ and I can see in firebug that on the page the parent’s bootstrap.css is still used.

Find a Parent Theme's stylesheet $handle when it registers a stylesheet

I have a child theme where I’m using the old @import to import in the CSS and I know this is no longer best practice. I’ve seen on the WordPress codex how to do this properly, which seems straightforward enough, but I need to find the $handle used in the parent theme when it registers […]

Creating child theme out of Coeur

I have been spending days looking into edit my theme. I understand that in order to edit the footer of my parent theme i would need to create a child theme. So here is my child theme folder on the same level as my other themes. As you can see I have my coeur-child folder […]

overwrite code snippet from parent to child theme

I’m trying to overwrite following code in the child theme. I want to load file /inc/soundtheme-admin.php from child folder. I copied same code snippet in child-theme/functions.php and also copied the inc/soundtheme-admin.php. I also replaced the get_template_directory() to get_stylesheet_directory() but its still loading parent file. Please correct me where I’m making a mistake. Thanks in advance. […]

when I create a page with a /blog permalink the css gets messed up

When I create a page with a default template and parent set to no parent, with the permalinks name being sitename/blog the css on that page gets messed up(including the admin bar is all messed up), if I change the permalinks structure to sitename/blogs it works perfectly fine. Also if I change the parent to […]

What are the best practices for maintaining and deploying several parent themes?

I’ve been trying to commission a freelancer to make me a custom website and hit a roadblock when I said I wanted a parent theme. The freelancer strongly preferred to make a child theme based on his self-made, free go-to theme that he updated frequently. Justin Tadlock did a great writeup on Frameworks? Parent, child, […]

get_template_directory_uri() links to child theme not parent

I have created a child theme of a parent theme which shows correctly on wp theme selector and activates. I have created a style.css of said child theme with the following meta information: /* Theme Name: Twenty Sixteen Child Theme URI: http://localhost:888/wordpress-test/twentysixteen-child/ Description: My first child theme, based on Twenty Sixteen Author: Juan D. Bolanos […]