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Password Protect or IP to access under development WordPress site otherwise shown a placeholder page

I have a WOrdPress site that a client wants to go ahead and launch the site while under development onto there live domain and web hosting account. The catch is that they want all visitors to see a fake homepage. They can then either enter a password on this placeholder homepage or possible detect based […]

.htaccess password protect all but one page

Hi I would like to password protect my entire WordPress site using .htaccess. All pages except one page which would be viewable to the public. I know there are other methods out there built into wordpress but I would like to have all pages except the one protected using the .htaccess method. How do I […]

Can't reset WordPress password

I haven’t logged onto my blog for years, and have, of course, forgotten the password. I click the ‘Forgot’ button and get a mail with a link, but that mail already says Sorry, that key does not appear to be valid. And sends me round the click to reset, receive a mail, click the link […]

Customize retrieve password message

The question I asked here needs to be modified as I have a different problem. I asked the following question on the WordPress support forum but it seems that nobody has an answer to that. I wonder why? Here it is: I am trying to customize the password retrieval message by applying a filter as […]

Change Password Strength Indicator names?

Is it possible to change the labels for “Weak, Medium, Strong” etc… in the Password Indicator that’s used in the user profile? I’ve been asked to change the word “Weak” to “OK” since this level of passwords is acceptable for our subscribers. Is there a filter I can hook into?

Ask logged in user to re-enter password to access page “x”

For security reasons, I want to request logged in users to re-enter their passwords to access certain pages on my the site. How can I accomplish this? I’m using WordPress 4.4

How to read third party cookie to access password protected pages

does anyone know a quick and simple way to also give access to a WordPress standard password-protected page if there is an existing third party cookie on the user’s machine? I need to see if someone is already logged into another platform, and if so give them access WITHOUT having to also enter the WordPress […]

How to change “Reset Password” text on submit button

I want to change “Reset password” text on submit button to “Set password” How can I change it? I tried to change value with jQuery: add_action( ‘resetpass_form’, ‘resettext’); function resettext(){ ?> <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(‘#resetpassform input#wp-submit’).val(“Set Password”); </script> <?php } But it didn’t work, I don’t know why

Where to store credentials used in a function?

This question already has an answer here: Where to securely store API keys and passwords in WordPress? 2 answers

lostpassword_redirect filter is not used

I’m trying to redirect a user after they have reset their password. I’m using the following code, based on an example from the wordpress docs. add_filter( ‘lostpassword_redirect’, ‘my_redirect_home’ ); function my_redirect_home( $lostpassword_redirect ) { return home_url() . ‘/my-account/’; } As far as I can tell, the filter is never hit. I’ve tried replacing the return […]