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Conditional to test if post has password protection enabled

I am looking for a conditional to test simply if a post (custom post type, if it somehow makes a difference) is set to have password protection…persistently…regardless of whether user has accessed the post via the password or not. post_password_required() only returns true if the user has not already entered the password get_post_status() (though it […]

Does WordPress always create unique passwords?

As you know, WordPress db has a wp_users table where there is a user_pass field. Is it possible that two or more different users have exactly the same user_pass value in that field?

Locked/Unlocked in title

This should be incredibly easy, but I’m missing something. This code should simply work if they have entered their password into a password protected post/page. The idea is to remind them it is protected. However… I can’t get it to work at all. The if statement never returns true. For some reason, I don’t think […]

Check if password protected post is visible

Is there anyway of checking if a password protected post is visible / not visible? I want some thing that says this; If the post is password protected (that parts fine) and the correct password hasn’t been entered, then show ‘XXX’, else show ‘ZZZ’.

How do I require authorization / login to view a specific set of posts / pages?

I am working on a wordpress site for a client who wants an internal ‘intranet’ for his employees. The basic needs are: Communicate things in-house House important company documents Provide quick access to resources to employees. This info is sensitive and for employees only. They would like each employee to have a user name / […]

Change Password notification text on mail

I am want to re-ride core function wp_update_user() In this function there is text This notice confirms that your password was changed on ###SITENAME###. that i want replace with some other word. I have tried to re-ride as function wp_update_user($userdata) { if ( $userdata instanceof stdClass ) { $userdata = get_object_vars( $userdata ); } elseif […]

Password protect a specific category page/post

I have searched high and low for this but nothing is sticking out at me. I am looking to password protect posts and/or pages based on a certain category. The reason for this is that I am creating a “members” side of things and want to keep things simple. If the post/page is in that […]

Is there a theme function for is_password_protected()?

I’m looking at the function and template references and I’m not seeing a way to test for whether a post is protected. Is there a theme function for (something like) is_password_protected()? I’m already using add_filter( ‘the_password_form’, ‘custom_password_form’ ); to override the default form that shows up, but I want to customize some other aspects of […]

post_password_required() not recognizing cookie set with correct password

Using the below code: <?php if ( post_password_required() ) { ?> <form method=”post” action=”/wp-pass.php”> <p>This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:</p> <input type=”password” style=”margin:10px 0;” size=”20″ id=”pwbox-<?php the_ID(); ?>” name=”post_password”/></label><br/> <input type=”submit” value=”Submit” name=”Submit”/></p> </form> <?php } else { ?> // echo out all of the post content <?php […]

Locked out of my own blog and password reset not working

I have my own WordPress installation for my infrequently updated blog. I have a habit of forgetting my password so have to request a new one and reset it every two to three months. I’ve done it again today and got the “Password Reset” e-mail (which arrives within seconds of requesting it). Following the link […]