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How Can I Use $wpdb in PayPal IPN file?

I’m currently writing a plugin that requires the PayPal IPN, since the IPN is not inside the main plugin file, I have no way to use $wpdb. If you know a way to do this that will work with all WordPress installations it would really help me! Thanks in advance!

problem using WP_Http with paypal nvp api

trying to convert a plugin I wrote to use wp_http instead of Curl (so it’ll work on servers without curl) the plugin posts to paypal nvp api and gets back an encrypted button when I try to use the WP_Http class i get “Invalid HTTP Response for POST” would be glad for any help figuring […]

Sensible location for IPN Callback script

I’m working on a plugin which will involve accepting PayPal Instant Payment Notifications. IPNs are a web-hook which gets called when a payment is processed. Currently I have a script to handle the IPNs within the plugin e.g. I then paste this URL into the PayPal developer settings area. I’d like to use a […]

Payment on Registration?

Case Study: I need people pay me when they come to register on my site. Most of the page should be only available for logged in user. Paypal will be my payment options. Question? I need to know how can i communicate with paypal after making the payment that a user did the payment or […]

Conference ticketing and seating module for WordPress

Previously I have asked about free Conferencing modules for WordPress. Unfortunately, none (free or paid) support seating, i.e.: tickets with seat numbers. Can you recommend one which does? Thanks

Submitting post to database then redirecting to paypal

I am trying to submit form data to the database then send the client over to paypal which will use IPN to send a response back. Right now I have the form submitting to the database, I have the IPN working, my problem is the redirecting part. I want it all to be done in […]

Membership / subscription plugins – alternatives

Does anyone have recommendations (backed by experience) for a membership plugin that can Provide for recurring subscriptions via PayPal Allow selected posts to be visible only to subscription members Allow selected posts to have come content that can be viewed by anyone, and some content that is only visible to subscription members Good support that […]