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Free paypal cart solution

Does someone some good & free paypal cart solution for wordpress? I was looking at, that looks good but I don’t want to buy it since it’s for a test project.

Create a registration form with a PayPal checkout fee?

My client is looking to start taking online registration for their many conventions and events. Previously they handled this all offline with PDF documents and in person payment. I’m looking for either a plugin or a detailed FAQ that will help me integrate an online registration plus payment system into their WordPress site. I’m open […]

Buy now button and thankyou page for my website?

I want to activate Paypal ‘Buy Now’ button for my products. After purchasing product it needs redirection to thank you page. How to do this via a plugin? Is there any plugin available for this task? Please recommend a plugin or an easy way to achieve this. Thank you.

Processing Forms with Paypal Framework plugin

Can I use the PayPal Framework Plugin to process a form and send the data to Paypal as a purchase. I am not even sure where to start If I can, but I want to know it this is what it is for.

Making the 'add to cart' button redirect to PayPal

I want to program the Add to Cart button, on a product page, so when the customer press on it, it skips the Cart & Checkout pages and send him directly to the PayPal payment gateway. Not spending time on the Cart page, nor filling details on the Checkout page. How can I do this?

Add estimated value for a post according to the number of words

I have a blog where paid by 2 cents per word, need to add next to the word count one text value of statistics. Anyone have any idea how to make this automatic multiplication along with the word count? example: 27 words x $ 0.02 = $ 0.54 The panel show: Words: 27 | Estimated […]

Paypal API and WordPress

Hi does anybody know where i can find a PayPal API tutorial that can help to point me in the right direction, What im needing is something that when payment is verified by paypal it bounces through some code to update_user_meta and also a few fields in a custom table in wp database. Information that […]

Creating an online account & ordering system

Is it possible to create an account & ordering system with online payment (via paypal) for WP? Are there any kind of plugins for this? We’d require some basket functionality so products can be added, an account area that could include order history and online payment to pay via paypal.

Conference website with ticket-sales + sponsorship sales with WordPress?

I am considering moving away from Drupal and drupal-cod due to the lack of good themes. The two major features I am looking for are: Ticket sales (PayPal), with receipts sent to attendee Sponsorship sales (PayPal with different options: Gold, Silver, Bronze by price-range) Secondary features: StackOverflow style forum accessible by users within a specific […]

I am trying to grab the title and put it in a paypal form select option

I am trying insert the title of a post in the option value of a form for paypal purchase, so I know what item they have chosen. But when I do this paypal gives me a error message that something is wrong with my site. Am I doing this wrong I am trying to insert […]