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List and show uploaded pdf files dynamically

I want to show all the PDFs for a specific WordPress page. I exactly want that the PDF documents will upload from the admin panel and I want to show all the PDFs in a page in the front-end dynamically. When I upload a new PDF from the admin panel, then the PDF will show […]

Attaching a pdf to Contact Form 7 e-mail via functions.php

I’m trying to attach pdf files to an e-mail manually and I did some research on the topic and found this code: add_action(‘wpcf7_before_send_mail’,’send_pdf’); function send_pdf( $cf7 ) { $id = $cf7->id(); if ($id==2399){ $submission = WPCF7_Submission::get_instance(); $submission->add_uploaded_file(‘pdf’, get_template_directory().’/pdf/test.pdf’); } } The strange thing is that after the email is sent, the file and the folder […]

How does the media library determine if a PDF file has preview images?

When PDF preview images are available, how does the Media Library determine that it needs to display them? Does it check for a ‘_wp_attachment_metadata’ record in the postmeta table? And where in WordPress is the code that does this?

Force PDF download from custom menu?

I added a link to a PDF in my custom navigation menu. Is there a way to force it to download instead of open?

Export a blog(not mine) as a PDF document

Is it possible to export the posts of a blog as a PDF? There is a blog with a couple of hundred posts that I’d like to read on my ereader, so I was wondering whether I could extract those posts into a PDF? Thanks for the help!

Restrict PDF links

How can I restrict only the PDF files that I uploaded through FTP, I copied the link of each PDF file and created buttons in WooCommerce, I can Restrict the Page/Post but not the PDF. I want users to login to be able to view the PDF files. I would appreciate the support.

how do i embed the pdf gallery in wordpress post

I want to show the epaper of newspaper. Is there a way that i can embed a gallery of pdf in post just like the gallery of images

Where do the favicons for Media Files come from

I have uploaded some PDFs to the Media Library. I cannot find a way to set the browser favicon for the PDF media files. Where does WordPress get the favicon from? Is there anyway to control the PDF Media file favicon?

Is There A WordPress Plugin That Produces PDFs of Posts Locally?

Most of the WordPress PDF plugins out there use services like Joliprint and Print Friendly to convert posts to PDFs. Is there a plugin that does this locally utilizing the power of PHP (and/or WordPress), I mean, without using an external service?

PDF Image in content

Since 4.7, WordPress generates images representing the first page of any PDF that is uploaded. This is useful when choosng what to link to and I know that you can use these images in a theme with wp_get_attachment_image. My question is, can you inset these images in the content area of a page/post using […]