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Performance on WPMS

my WPMS site is hosted on 8 cores/32mb RAM server but the response time is very high. We have about 1000 blogs (35,000+ tables on single db) and 70,000 pageviews per mounth. I think that i can down the response time moving blogs that have more pageviews into separeted DB and spliting all blogs into […]

WordPress Scalability – One Instance or Several?

My company is currently outsourcing development of 170 WordPress sites and I recently learned that they are developing all 170 in one instance of WordPress. I am not a WordPress expert, but have seen scalability problems with other CMS products in the past where 50 or so sites in one instance experienced major performance issues […]

Which is more efficient? Using usermeta, or creating a new MySQL table?

I’m building a bookmarking feature, allowing users to place a marker inside a blog post. The data will then be saved in the database, and retrieved upon opening that blog post. The same concept can be applied for a lot of things in WordPress, like post ratings, post favoriting, etc. So far I’ve been creating […]

WordPress site is sloooow, but admin is fast…any ideas?

I have a Linode VPS running a single WordPress blog. It has been running just fine until today. The admin panel is snappy, but the site is very slow. I am still finishing the site, so there shouldn’t be any traffic. When I go to it takes 45+ seconds to load, then each click […]

Too Many Pages in WordPress? 2013

I’ve read a few threads both here and elsewhere about WordPress having performance issues once a certain amount of pages have been published. But, most of these threads are at least a couple years old, and it seems like an issue that WordPress would try to fix. So – my question – does anyone know […]

Large Number of WordPress Posts

I am in process of setting up a catalog website and it has some 1.5 Lac products. I will write some script to import all the products but I am not sure whether WordPress will be able to handle such a large amount of posts. Have any one imported so many posts in WordPress and […]

Using get_bloginfo('template_directory') or variable – performance issue

Can I please ask you about the performance of these two approaches in term of execution speed and server load? approach 1: <img src=”<?php echo get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/data1/images/1.jpg”> <img src=”<?php echo get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/data1/images/2.jpg” /> <img src=”<?php echo get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/data1/images/3.jpg” /> approach 2: <?php $variable= get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?> <img src=”<?php echo $variable; ?>/data1/images/1.jpg”> <img src=”<?php echo $variable; ?>/data1/images/2.jpg” […]

Multiple social buttons with a fast loading?

I have pages like this with a lot of social buttons. A lot means more than 50 buttons because each posts on that page has its own buttons. So maybe I’ll make the page smaller, with less posts but this is not the main reason and not what I am looking for. I want to […]

Optimizing Jetpack for WordPress

Yslow reports following issues with Jetpack: 1) Compress using gzip 2) Configure etags for… Modified the format so that it is easier to understand. How can I take action against these items. I am already using latest version of W3 Total cache plugin. Pls advise.

One post carries 30 postmeta values, is this too much?

I have some data saved as post meta, occasionally some plugins may save an extra piece. Now I installed bbpress, it saves at least 10 pieces of post meta. Adding them together, there are nearly 35 pieces of post meta per post. I think WordPress can handle much more if without bbpress. With bbpress forum, […]