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Remove some rewrite rules in wordpress

It seems that the add_rewrite_rule works only if the permalink is set to non empty value in wp-admin/setting page. Isn’t it? Then once I set that value to /item/%post_id%, I got the rewrite rules like this through debugging: There are too many rules not necessary in my case, is it possible to remove that?

How to add a base/front slug/url to specific post types?

I currently have: I want to achieve: I do not want “my-base-slug” to appear for anything other than those specified post-types. Is that possible and how?

.html end of URl affected to SEO?

I want to convert PHP website into WordPress. So, I want to know there are a .html at end of the URL when WordPress permalink is not ended with .html. So, is it affected to SEO?

Woocommerce product permalink not working

I have added the product permalink in Settings ->Permalinks to Custom Base /shop/%product_cat% it works fine. But if I updated it to /%product_cat% products page working fine but website pages and posts are redirecting to 404 page. Any idea?

Custom post type permalink is doesn't show in admin

I have problem with custom post type – permalink is doesn’t show: Post type is published, but I can’t it show on website. I tried change permalink structure to ?p=123, but it still doesn’t work. I tried change ‘rewrite’ attribute in code to false, but no difference. Some ideas where can be problem? Here is […]

Post type Permalink

I create a custom post type: $rewrite = array( ‘slug’ => ‘%categories%’, ‘with_front’ => false, ‘pages’ => true, ‘feeds’ => true, ); $args = array( // …Other options ‘taxonomies’ => array( ‘categories’ ), ‘hierarchical’ => false, ‘public’ => true, ‘has_archive’ => ‘applications’, ‘publicly_queryable’ => true, ‘rewrite’ => $rewrite, // Other options… ); register_post_type( ‘applications’, $args […]

404 on category.php pagination

My blog post page : => Work Blog page pagination : => Work A category post url : => Work A post url : => Work A category post pagination url : => 404 🙁 Permalink structure : /blog/%category%/%postname%/ Remove category base with Yoast: ok Category.php : <?php get_header(); ?> […]

Update permalinks when new category added to custom post type taxonomy

Note: this question also appears on (but is not getting much love). Have created a collection of Custom Post Types (CPT) for a WordPress theme I am working on (along with their own taxonomies and tags). For the purpose of this question I will just focus on the ‘projects’ CPT. When a new project […]

Date-based permalinks for Custom Post Type, and custom taxonomy permalinks

In my theme (a child of Twenty Sixteen) I’ve created a new Custom Post Type, pg_review. I’ve associated two custom taxonomies with it, pg_genres (hierarchical categories), and pg_authors (like tags). Everything is working fine except permalinks… Despite trying to understand and adapt various examples I’m going round in circles. I would like these permalinks to […]

Why is my RSS feed not working?

I have the following blog on a WordPress site. The RSS feed does not contain a list of the posts. Any thoughts on what is going on? UPDATE I noticed that my blog index page was located at whereas the blog posts path began with (notice the missing “-blog”). I changed the blog […]