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Permalinks 404 after Subdirectory to Root Migration

I originally installed wordpress in a subdirectory called /blog. Today I decided to change the URL of my site to remove the /blog element from the URL e.g. from to Here is what I did: went to settings > general and changed the site address: WordPress Address (URL): Site Address (URL): […]

Post is blank when I click on the link

As I’m adding posts to a new website, the link is showing up on the page as I wanted them to. The problem is that when I click on the link I end up with a blank frame with no content.’/2017/06/24/harmony-hall-launches-10th-anniversary-celebration/’ Is this as simple as a function that I haven’t enabled or […]

How do I retrieve the category ID (ugly permalinks) in my sub-navigation menu?

I have recently faced multiple issues with a theme developed with in mind pretty permalinks when moving back to ugly ones (for a number of different reasons). Had issues that I resolved with categories and tags as displayed on my sidebar and also now have the same issue with categories in a custom navigation menu. […]

Remove Dash/Hyphen From WordPress CustomPosttype Permalink

I want to remove all hyphens/dashes from the Custom Post Type permalink in WordPress. For example: Becomes Any advice on how to do this with any functions.

Convert single apix to dash in permalinks

I noticed that by default if I create a page with title “It’s great” the generated permalink will be its-great. I would like it to become it-s-great by default. Where can I change this behavior?

Custom permalink for each post

im importing data from Drupal to WP. I have more than 10 000 posts. Each post have ID, category and slug. For example: Category> important ID> 11111 Slug> hello-world I need to keep permalinks same like they are on drupal because of SEO: The problem is that, i cant insert post with ID 11111 […]

add_rewrite_rule – Page Slug from “/foo-bar/” to “/foo/bar/”

I need foo-bar to become foo/bar instead: //   »   // I’m rebuilding a website that is currently in a home-brew CMS. They have a few pages with children, but the parent page URL does not match the children. The parent URLs were changed but the children were never updated. Expected Structure: // // […]

Changing the entire permalink

I have a plugin that creates a custom post. I want to change the permalink from: https://[site name]/lesson/lesson-1/ To: https://[site name]/learn/lesson1.php Through the wp admin interface, I can only change the slug as seen below. There is a plugin that will allow such functionality: But I would prefer to do this manually myself. How […]

Disable permalinks on all pages and posts

As I am using the JSON API, the permalinks don’t make sense. My site URLs are totally different to the ones generated by the permalinks, so this is likely to confuse the client. Is there any way I can disable permalinks on pages and on the default post type? I was able to do it […]

How to get all posts related to particular category name on button click?

What I am trying to achieve is displaying all Post Category Titles as thumbnail on first page. But when user clicks on the specific Category, I want to display all posts for that specific category. I am using Custom Post type and Custom Fields Plugin so I have created different custom post and fields too, […]