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Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy Permalinks

I’m currently working with a client’s WordPress blog that has a permalink structure set in the admin settings as “/speaks/%postname%/”. This is so that all actual blog posts (post_type=>posts) have the word “speaks” before them. However, I have created a new custom post type and a new custom taxonomy for a new section on the […]

permalink changed, now getting 404 for every pages

i have my website with permalink, till now everything was fine, but few days before i changed my permalink, now everything is going wrong, now each and every page i am getting 404, even my about-us and contact us pages, they are giving me 404 page if i come to my site from google or […]

Add filename to attachment page url

I wan to change my premalinks to attachment pages from…/attachemnt/something to…/attachemnt/something/something.jpg It should simply add filename but with nice url, I tried with add query arg() but this builds url query like ?name=something.jpg. Is there solution to achieve this without hard coding anything to wordpress?

Changing my permalink structure – will new layout conflict with existing page?

My site has a blog page at /blog/, with links to blog posts. A post will have a URL starting at the root of the site, which is a bit jarring. I’d like to have the posts URLs appear as if they are within the blog section of the site. My site currently has a […]

Get Permalink of Network Blog Post

I am trying to write a function that will allow me to specify a post ID and a blog ID, and then have it return the permalink and title of the blog post. I need this to be efficient because the function will be used in a foreach loop that could cause the function to […]

Custom post type hierarchical permalinks not behaving as expected for parent/child pages

When you have Pages with children, the permalink structure works something like this: All well and good. Trying to go to this URL: doesn’t work, which is good, and as expected – I only want the one URL for my child page. However, I’ve set up a custom post type, and set it […]

Changes to permalink structure results in 404 error for all pages other than home

When changing the permalink structure on my site, I get a 404 error for every page except the home page. I’ve see other questions that mention resetting the permalink structure to get it work, but this doesn’t work for me (using the default of ?p=123 does show the posts, but changing back to month and […]

Extend the wp_get_archives output with '?post_type=foo'?

I’ve gotten my custom post types to display as it should in date based archives; the structure (and above) works properly as long as it’s extended with ‘?post_type=post_type_name’. With Bainternets solution I’ve also gotten wp_get_archives to properly list archives based on whether or not they contain my CPT. The problem is that wp_get_archives still […]

Custom rewrite rules for a $_GET request

Assuming I have this URL: How can I change it to a nice URL that looks like: using WP’s URL rewriting system?

Using only %postname%

So I see everyone’s arguements against using this, but that seems like a huge flaw in WordPress because a domain name as close to the root is crucial to a site’s SEO. I want my site which has rough 8 pages total to be able to be found by their simple titles, if they’re preprended […]