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Importer failed to import posts as format “day and name”

I had a blog exposing posts as “day and name”. After exporting that blog and importing it on a new installation of WordPress I can’t see the posts in that format, only in the default one: Also moving to previous pages ( does not work. Is this a known issue with a solution?

when I create a page with a /blog permalink the css gets messed up

When I create a page with a default template and parent set to no parent, with the permalinks name being sitename/blog the css on that page gets messed up(including the admin bar is all messed up), if I change the permalinks structure to sitename/blogs it works perfectly fine. Also if I change the parent to […]

Problem with special character WordPress

I have a WordPress and everything seems perfectly fine but I have this page that has title 77% and it shows error 404 page. How can I fix this? I am kind of sure it is because of the % in the 77%. The permalink uses the 77 but for some reason wordpress still doesn’t […]

How to redirect RSS feeds to Feedburner and keep pretty permalinks?

There are many tutorials out there, but all of them give you the same code snippet. I put it into my htaccess file, but the feeds are not being redirected. I don’t want to use a plugin. I’m sure the code works. I need to figure out why it doesn’t work for me. Here’s part […]

How to Custom Edit Post Title & Permalink Slug?

I’m trying to build some functionality where if you’re logged into an admin account you’ll see a small ‘edit’ link next to each post title. clicking will use jquery to create 2 form inputs – 1 with the current post title and the other containing the current slug. I’d ideally like to then allow admins […]

Test site pages go to main site

I have a test site installed on The problem I have is that if I type in the url I get redirected to My page for my test site gives me the permalink: If I click View Page from the page editing screen in the dashboard, I get redirected to […]

This WordPress plugin isn't creating links correctly

To get my PHP and WordPress skills, I’ve been trying to code a small plugin a day. Today’s project was to create a plugin that searched over every word in my posts, checked if$word was a valid link, and added the link to the word if it was. The plugin works correctly for the […]

Problems with rewrite rule

I realy cant to figure this out. What i want to do, is this URI transform to Actualy i have read tons of pages, what i come to is this: add_action( ‘init’, ‘wpa5413_init’ ); function wpa5413_init() { add_rewrite_rule( ‘item/([^/]+)/([^/]+)?’, ‘index.php?page=76&type=$matches[1]&id=$matches[2]’, ‘top’ ); } add_filter( ‘query_vars’, ‘wpa5413_query_vars’ ); function wpa5413_query_vars( $query_vars ) { $query_vars[] […]

Permalinks not working on new site

I’m setting up a new site on 3.4.1 and the Permalinks will not work. I have deactivated all plugins and switched to TwentyEleven and they still fail. I can see through outputting $wp_rewrite that the rules are being flushed when I chnage the structure, and .htaccess is being updated, but no matter what I do, […]

How to handle paging/pagination with a custom permalink?

I hope I can explain this properly: I’m working on a project involving multiple post types and custom permalinks. I have a post type for TV/movie series/franchise and a separate post type for content (episodes, movies, Direct to video). For the content type, I currently have a permalink that is as so: Thank to […]