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get_permalink executes link without https

Currently I am using https version of website and everything is fine, I setupped site main url for https, when viewing editor of post there is https permalink presented..everything works fine on all category pages, homepage etc. But when I am using custom sitemap function (I created my own plugin for it) it will list […]

Using a Custom Post Type Attachment as link

I have a pretty simple custom post type (“weekly_mktg_report”) that has two fields – date(“date”) and attachment(“report”). I’ve created an archive page that uses <a href=”<?php the_field(‘report’); ?>” target=”_blank”> This creates a link to the attachment and not the actual custom post, which is perfect for what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m trying to do […]

Adding File Extensions to Attachment Page Permalinks

Introduction When uploading a file (stackexchange.jpg) to the media library in a WordPress site, there are two relevant links. Direct link to file Attachment page My question deals with the second one: attachment page. What I Want to Do I would like to add the file extension in the attachment page permalink. For example, instead […]

WordPress redirection problem after moving to a new server?

I’ve created a site using wordpress and i moved that from localhost to new server. The steps i’ve followed is just got backup of old db from localhost and uploaded them to the new server. Changed the WordPress address (URL) & Site address (URL) manually from phpmyadmin. Moved all the files from localhost to the […]

Custom Permalink Tag breaks Pagination

Most the below work stems from a previous question / accepted answer. I’m trying to achieve the following permalink structure: /listings/ /listings/page/2/ /listings/%state%/ /listings/%state%/page/2/ /listings/%state%/property/post-title/ I thought it was going to be a simple task but I keep running into more and more issues. Currently, all the above works except pagination. My Post Type ( […]

%tag% in permalink not working

I use custom permalink structure: /%tag%/%postname%/ and it is not working. I get url – So there is no tag name, just %tag%. If i place %category% instead ot %tag%, everithing is ok. Can somebody solve this problem?

Specific URL Rewriting with parameters in wordpress

I’m rewriting a website that was originally in Drupal and has very specific URL’s. So, I need to rewrite all the original URL’s to the wordpress system + the parameters for my own-written plugins: I need to get from this: To this: If the last part of the url = “detailSOMETHING“ I’ve tried […]

Custom Permalink for Taxonimie and Custom Post Type

i hope you can help me. I have an Custom Post Type with an taxonomy and i want to change the permalink of the displayed taxonomy term. Actually my Urls looks so: – archive site – single post page – term page of the taxonomy and i want that the last url […]

How to replace “wp-content/blogs.dir” with “media” for attachment permalinks?

How to replace “wp-content/blogs.dir” with “media” for attachment permalinks in a multisite environment? This is how links look now: -or- Ideally this is how the would look: -or- Thank you!

How to assign a Permalink to a Function

In Drupal, you can assign a URI to a function that gets called, like this: function mymodule_menu() { return array( ‘custom_uri’ => array( ‘page callback’ => ‘my_custom_function’, […] ); ); } This then tells Drupal to call the function my_custom_function whenever the url is In WordPress I’m trying to accomplish the same idea. I […]