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how to edit a specific post slug using a php code?

I want a php code by which i can show a modified link to the post. when using <?php get_post_permalink(); ?> it shows e.g.: ( what i need is something like ( because adding this word to the link will activate a function to change the post template. I tried to use: <a href=”<?php the_permalink(); […]

How do I keep multiple domain for my wordpress site

I want category ID 1,2,3,4,5 to be category ID 6,7,8,9,10 and homepage to be I thought of using 302 redirect or edit htaccess, but what is the best way to achieve this with wordpress. I also thought of editing the function permalink, but it won’t solve the homepage, and category page issue.

cannot link a external url, present page url acting as parent url

please help some one cannot link a external link, my present page link is acting as parent link, if iam linking , then my page url opens as please solve it. all my external links as same, even no plugins can help me, cannot link an external link. all links are of same.. […]

Custom Post Type Archive template not being called

My question is similar to a number of posts on this site, but I haven’t found a solution to my specific issue yet. I’m trying to implement an archive for a custom post type, “ttwi_course”. I completed the following steps, which I’ve successfully performed on numerous other sites: I registered the CPT, code below I […]

What happens to the permalink that use %postname% if I change the post name

In my permalink i use only postname What will happen to the links if the post name changes? Will it still work ? Otherwise what is the best practice? With love

URL links consistent with menus?

I’d like to have a URL links consistent with menus on the page. For example: Menu1: Submenu1 item1 item2 Submenu2 item3 item4 Menu2: Submenu… etc.. The corresponding links shoud be: etc. However, the links are etc. How can I fix this?

Ignore postname in permalink

I want to set my permalink as: But I want WordPress to ignore the post name at the end, because I may change it later. How can I do it with .htaccess, or is there another way?

Getting the permalink to the latest post from a category

What’s the best way to get the permalink to the latest post of a chosen category? I have a page that I want to have several links to the latest post from different specified categories. Simple question, but I’m not sure if it’s even possible 🙂 Thanks!

Custom Post Type with Configurable Sidebar via ACF

I am using a custom post type (CPT) trainings on one of my client’s sites. I’ve also added a CPT called sidebars, which can get linked into trainings or pages via the “relation” field type. To get an overview over all trainings, I’ve created a separate template “tpl-trainings.php” and added an “overview”-page, which in turn […]

How to remove the link of an image on WP 4.2

I’m using WordPress 4.2 and I’d like to remove the links from some images. I’ve seen that I could use this : The problem is I don’t see that on my interface : Where can I find the same attachement display setting in WP 4.2 ?