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Assigning proper permalink to blog that is part of a website

My blog is a part of a custom website (all done in wordpress). I would like the blog page to be on mywebsite/blog I’ve set wordpress so that the root points to a static page and that the posts are displyed under the /blog directory. I would like the blog post to be in /blog/post-name; […]

Remove Parents From Permalink of Hierarchical Taxonomy

I have a custom hierarchical taxonomy called “places” set up with categories like so: Services > Financial Services > Financial Advisors. The permalink for this category listing page is currently Does anyone know how I can remove the parents from my permalinks so it would simply become ? I’ve searched quite a lot […]

Unable to rename permalink

I have a custom content type, ‘Events’. I’m unable to rename the slug of one event from ‘2010-2’ to ‘2010’. There are 6 or 7 other entries of the same content type and they’re all fine. Here’s what I’ve done: Verified no items in the Trash (for every content type, just to be sure) Manually […]

Need equivalent of single_term_slug

I am building a taxonomy archive page and I am trying to create a linked instance of the current term outside the loop. So, let’s say my taxonomy and current term are: Taxonomy: Animals Term: Elephants I want to echo the term Elephants and have the term name linked to the Elephants term archive. So, […]

Pretty permalinks and Facebook comments

I have pretty permalinks enabled like this: I also use facebook comments widget for the comments, Currently the href attribute is set to the pretty permalink by calling the_permalink(). The issue is that if i ever happen to edit the post name (slug) or the category, Facebook thinks it’s a new URL so the […]

Custom post type permalink structure to include the taxonomy

I have a blog and I want to make a modification to my custom post type to include the taxonomy term in the permalink. For example I have a custom post type named “my_services” and I have a custom post type to called “my_service_cats”. register_post_type( ‘my_services’, $args); register_taxonomy( ‘my_service_cats’, ‘my_services’, $args); In the custom post […]

Wp PageNavi only works with default permalinks on a custom post type?

I have tried many solutions to no avail and really need some help. I have a Custom Post Type named “Portfolio” that is setup to display it’s contents on a page called Portfolio.php. Wp PageNavi is hardcoded into the template and works fine under the Default permalink structure. When I try to switch permalinks to […]

old permalinks not found

Looking through Google Webmaster Tools, I have a lot of 404s for posts with permalink structure of /%year%/%month%/%day%/%postname%/ I have since changed permalinks to /%category%/%postname%.html I thought WordPress could redirect old post URLs to new post URLS, but the old date based URLs are generating 404s. My .htaccess file is writable, set to 644. Why […]

get permalink of page children in loop

I have some landing pages that show the page title, feature image and excerpt of their children. The image is linked to the child page, but I need the page title linked to the same place – and I can’t figure out how. Here is my existing code – it works perfectly, except the title […]

Permalinks not working (404) for the 'item' post type

I have searched various forums and blogs, however I could not find the isuse so far, neither a way to fix it. item does not seem to be a wordpress-reserved word. My custom post type registers just fine. I can work with it from admin, edit, delete, preview, assign terms, publish… . However any time […]