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Add archive slug to default post post type

I want to add /post/ to the default post post type url. I have tried it by register the ‘post’ post type as follows: function fdm_register_post_types() { // Get post post type object $object = get_post_type_object( ‘post’ ); // Set rewrite argument $object->rewrite = array( ‘slug’ => ‘post’, ‘with_front’ => false ); // Reregister post […]

Make custom post available under main domain directly?

i have a custom post type called project. The shortlinks are all i want to change that to someone knows what I have to change in, i reckon permalinks settings, to be able to do that?

“-2” Being added to end of URL (no duplicate pages, no pages in trash)

I have a page called “Orlando” and for some reason the page url is /orlando-2/. I have never made another “Orlando” page on this site and there are no pages living in the trash. There is also no other page with the word “Orlando” in it. I know this happens when you have multiple pages […]

Refresh page after form action

I’ve a listing post page where all posts are shown. On each post’s row I can perform actions like delete, archive etc. So imagine that: I have an “archive” button; I push on it and I get a modal (form) saying “Do you want archive this post?” Into the modal I have the submit button, […]

Changing WordPress routing to load the same page for different URLs

I’m converting an existing website to a WordPress theme. One of the pages is a gallery that uses JS history.pushState to create unique URLs for loading certain images. E.g. page URL (non WP website): URL for a certain image: I would like to preserve this functionality in WordPress. However, when loading the URL […]

How to get rid of an extra middle part my permalink

On my newly created site the permalinks look like this: permalinks) I can’t seem to be able to edit the ‘wordpress’ part, i.e it is treated as part of the URL(?). naturally, I don’t want it there, so what can I do, how can I get rid of it? thanks

Add post overwriting permalink from previous post in 4.6

Since updating to 4.6, I’ve noticed that if I add a second post shortly after the first, I’m overwriting the first post. The editor is blank, but permalink is the pre-existing post. I simply have no idea if this is a database issue, server issue, or what. I’ve turned off W3TC caching and it doesn’t […]

Change permalinks for specific pages

How can I change permalinks for selected pages? For example, static page will be like this other sub pages will be Right now I can’t achieve what I want with static page. Static page look like this

How to make /search/ without parameters not return a 404?

I have a search.php file in my theme that displays search results. Search queries directed to display the search results correctly. WordPress natively supports this URL structure. I would like to be able to browse directly to without adding a search query, and have it display my search.php file, but it returns a […]

WordPress custom permalink and archive link for custom post type

I have custom post type venue and custom taxonomy ‘facility’ and ‘types’, is it possible to generate custom permalinks for the single post and archive with current posts taxonomy slug. Example: single post term facility slug is ‘restaurant’ archive page My custom post declaration $args = array( ‘label’ => __( ‘Venue’, ‘weera’ ), […]